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ZOMG Wellness’ consultant Kristine Sunn, NNCP, CNP, EMP gives a quick remedy tutorial for infections that stops them in their tracks. This can also be used to create a balanced environment inside your body to alleviate and prevent colds and flu when you feel it coming on OR to actually quicken recovery.

1/4 tsp baking soda (MUST BE ALUMINUM FREE)
1 tbsp (or 2 if you think you’re gangsta) Apple Cider Vinegar (best type is “with the mother” so you have as much nutrients in there as possible)

Put the baking soda into a 1 cup measuring cup and add the vinegar. wait for the fizz to completely die down, then fill your 1 cup with filtered water and drink it.

This will help right away! you can even carry “Eno” in your purse because its sodium bicarbonate.. and pop it into some water if you out and you feel something coming on
** You don’t NEED apple cider vinegar for this to work, you can use just the baking soda. just has more nutritional and alkaline value.

** IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A BACTERIAL INFECTION, MAKE SURE TO TAKE PROBIOTICS as the baking soda/apple cider vinegar will not encourage additional healthy bacteria to grow internally, so eat organic,PLAIN yogurt OR buy bottled probiotic from the health store**

visit my site www.zomgwellness.com for more info or to book an appointment with me 🙂


Joy Simon says:

Does this work for bacterial vaginosis? 

Lapatka Sentivkas says:

add honey and try to put it in warm water, mix it well and drink it, with
honey it goes in easy and some more water will wont make it so harsh. gl

Arrietta Fowlkes says:

I have an important question for you but it’s so embarrassing

Jess D says:

I currently have a bladder infection and I’ve been drinking water and Apple
Cider Vinegar non-stop.
I feel much better than yesterday!

bhebie singh says:

any kind of baking soda?

bhebie singh says:

hi,i have a little question,about the vinegar,can we used for ordinary
vinegar like coconut vinegar?,,,

KaysunEntertainment says:


KaysunEntertainment says:


KaysunEntertainment says:

@82netta No, you cannot chase the baking soda with vinegar. It would cause
the same reaction you see outside the body with the fizzing/bubbling which
would cause upset in your digestive system. If you like you don’t NEED to
use the vinegar you can just use the baking soda. Otherwise combine both
the baking soda and vinegar and make sure the fizz is completely dead
before drinking. Additionally, make sure the baking soda is aluminum free!

82netta says:

If you wanted to do this could you just do them seperately like take the
baking soda first and immediately the vinegar to follow?

Shay Thomas says:

can you douche with that instead of drinking it?

xunrar xstha says:

My friend suffered with cystic and severe acne since she was 12. Today
she’s 36 and only a year ago got rid of her acne. She discovered the Acne
Executioner (Google it) and this method showed her the way to rectify acne.

KaysunEntertainment says:

it can be helpful, but it won’t make it go away. It can help accelerate
healing if anything. You’ll have to take probiotics to get the healthy
bacteria back into your system that the antibiotics stripped from you and
take bacteria killing supplements like Garlic. B complex, C and E vitamins
are also good for healing but you’ll need to take more than your average
person as you’re in an acute state.

ramazone2 says:

I just ordered baking soda from Bob’s Red Mill online. According to various
people who say that they have researched drinking baking soda, Arm and
Hammer has aluminum although it’s not supposed to. Bob’s is aluminum free.
By the way, I’m a guy, who just ordered from Bob’s for the first time. I
don’t work for Bob’s. I will share your video with every female possible.

CooLoserTech says:

i was wondering how to get rid of my yeast, i was making too much bread xP

JOHNNY Yonko says:

thank ima try banking soda for my acid refix heart burn

KaysunEntertainment says:

Thanks! I forget now. It was just some buys earring booth on the street
downtown if I remember correctly 🙂

droena5 says:

is this also for bacterial infections like chlamydia? it wont go away with
presciption pills 🙁

JustDo MyWindows says:

malt vinegar also works, i used this to get rid of a abcess on my gum that
released white puss

dizlee86 says:

hahahah You’re too funny Kristine! Love your videos 🙂

KaysunEntertainment says:

No, but if you’re looking for a douche to kill bacteria vaginally, you can
use tea tree oil diluted with water. 10 drops to 1 cup or so of water &
follow with taking probiotics daily. you can also try buying plain organic
yogurt, no sugar from the supermarket & make yogurt “popsicles” w/ them.
insert the yogurt pop vaginally & let it sit for 20 minutes or so & then
douche w/ comfortable temp water to remove the yogurt internally. This
kills bad bacteria and adds good bacteria all in one shot 🙂

MultiLivingtestimony says:

Where did u get your earrings?

KaysunEntertainment says:

also eat non acidic foods to encourage healing. so no processed foods,
breads, meats, dairy, fried stuff, sugars… and eat alkaline foods .. lots
of fresh and raw fruits and veggies

Garygenejeff says:

Excellent works! thanks!

MiaaBelleBoss says:

omg i am soo scared to try this cause i don’t know what to expect, but did
you ever have a yeast infection && use this remedy? && if you did how fast
did it work?

KaysunEntertainment says:

@ramazone2 she can even douche with 10 drops tea tree oil to 1 full douche
container of water to quickly kill the harmful bacteria causing the
infection as well. but it is really important to reinoculate healthy
bacteria in her body with the probiotics. if it persists, she can put a
“yogurt pop” “up there” – plain, organic yogurt frozen and then insert and
go to sleep, douche to get all the yogurt out. but only if she absolultely
needs to, it should be enough to just take probiotic orally.

droena5 says:

btw is it usefull to use colloidal silver? i use it does not have much

KaysunEntertainment says:

You would do this for as long as you are experiencing symptoms. Once the
symptoms stop, you can stop drinking this remedy. You can drink this twice
a day.

cathy says:

I enjoyed your video on bacterial infections.  I have a bacterial infection in the roof of my mouth,, will this method work for me.

John says:

Hi Cathy, it should work for you. I suggest that you discuss with your medical practitioner. A great source of probiotics can be ordered from here – http://www.miessence.com/organicsoz/en/product/15101/inliven-probiotic-superfood

I have been taking this Probiotic for the past 15 years and it has held me in good health.


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