Zero Calorie Drink Recipe: Apple Cider Vinegar Limeade- Thomas DeLauer

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Zero Calorie Drink Recipe: Apple Cider Vinegar Limeade- Thomas DeLauer
One of the best ways to help digest your food is to drink some apple cider vinegar. But we all know it tastes a little bit odd, so here is a quick way to make a delicious zero calorie apple cider vinegar limeade drink! Promote healthy digestion without the fat gain…
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What are the measurements for each ingredient?
1 Scoop of Glutamine
1/2 Lime
12-16 oz water
4oz Apple Cider Vinegar?
Add Stevia per taste?

keeping it real do the same says:

thank you but why barely hair on your body…

Ruben Lemus says:

why does it look that you use more than 2 tbsp of apple cyder?

Joshua Duran says:

How are you sopose to drink it.? Like just gulp it down or take ur time?

Alexa B.C. says:

Why is his shirt off for this video?

Goha Dubidu says:

watched it 3 times and still don't know how to drink apple cider vinegar. your body is so amazing. could you make more videos topless, please…

Noe Castro says:

glutamine with apple cider vinegar?

Jose says:

what if you diabetic ?

jamcnbute says:

Tom what are the exact measurements that you are using

Scott Weaver says:

When is one to drink this in relation to meals? Is it good to put that much acid into the stomach without eating a meal?

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