Why I Don’t Recommend Apple Cider Vinegar for Eczema

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I Don’t Recommend Apple Cider Vinegar for Eczema. Here’s why.

I couldn’t believe that in a world where it is possible to put a man on the moon, or fly a plane from one continent to another, it was impossible for the skin of a human to be permanently healed.

I heard time and time again from authoritative sources, that my skin would never heal, but somewhere within me, I knew that the knowledge was out there – it just needed combining into a concise place, and applied consistently. I spent an embarrassing amount of money on products that really did nothing but confuse me further, and left me feeling even more lost when the money was gone, but the eczema returned.

The Complete Guide to Healing Eczema, is exactly that. The information you need to implement – using NO drugs or creams or potions – that will lead you to healthy skin.

Learn about the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

McDougall knows what’s up:

The Engine 2 Diet is a lifesaver. Literally.


International Watching Lion says:

Duhh….guy OK…if Not Apple Cider Vinger than WHAT!!!??? At least have the balls to come with an alternative or inform your viewers what is wrong so we don't jump off the bridge like sheeps! Just to get people to watch your face on UTUBE is not cool….

Malita Jones says:

Greg, you're advice has been gold to me but this one just doesn't make sense. There are a lot of things we do once we are sick that we don't do when we are well, I don't think that invalidates the benefits of them. Enemas, water fasting, juice fasting. While I don't drink ACV I have found the baths very comforting and have helped me control my itching at night which allows me to get a good nights sleep. It's all beneficial, no harm whatsoever – when you are going through topical steroid withdrawal, which is what the majority of extreme eczema is, you will take whatever comfort you can get.

Juan Valdez says:

Apple cider vinegar is excellent for Eczema, Topical to reduce symptoms, and use internally to get rid of it, just a tablespoon on a glass of water as soon as you wake up does the trick, you need to change your eating habits, at least at the beginning. It seems to me you are trying to promote a book for sale.

Veronicats X says:

This is not related to the video but wow you have such nice eyes ! Lol

Stereorage82 vLog says:

Man, apple cider vinegar is proven to help change your gut flora over time, as in tbe biotics within your stomach. It is maintenance that I use apple cider vinegar for. But it happened out of a need for treatment of symptoms that I wanted to stop. The symptoms stopped, and I felt other benefits over time.

The PH levels in my stomach are under control. That helps me with my overall health.

Sometimes you just simply need relief of symptoms as well, so you can come to a place where you can effectively treat the root cause if possible. But why would we not treat the symptoms if we can, if treating it does not cause unreasonable side effects?

I think you have some bad advice here.

Vi An MUSIC says:

Root cause is dairy dairy dairy and processed foods and animal products. My cure was 11 years ago I cut all the above out. When I eat out and the dishes are cross contaminated with dairy, certain parts of my body especially my lip will flair up (cry). So food is key key key.

free lance says:

bad video because you said don't do this don't do that BUT
What is the solution ??

Tracy Eaves says:

He is trying to say, it is not the lack of apple cider vinegar why you have eczema! Root cause could be a sensitivity to a particular food. Or a sensitivity emerged. Having said that diet and gut health is probably the best root.

Mikayla June says:

Hey found this interesting, is a gluten free rice cereal bad to have? also nuts?
I'm starting this now and have been unwell with eczema since I was a baby, never tried to address it just cover it up with steroid creams. Hoping this helps

Monifa Basdeo says:

dude stop repeating yourself

Papa Petunia says:

If you have eczema can you eat pastas and tortilla

JOrlando says:

Hi , does your model work for hives/dermatitis?

한대용 says:

I use this vinegar too.. And it's help me.

Umar Begum says:

its been over a year of dieting now 8months paleo and 4months vegan and my healing is just up and down… i dont know when ill eventually heal… but can it take more than a year? and now I'm 80percent raw vegan it improves and i get clear then a week later small dermatitis appears… havent got a clue if its detox.. any thoughts

IrieAllDay88 says:

Hi Greg, I find you very inspiring and your vids give me hope that I too can overcome eczema. I have been doing a lot of research and reading, and I fully agree with you on the health model. As such, I have already changed my diet. It could be better though and I have been reading about the elimination diet. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Should I try it? It seems so hard to follow through… I will purchase you e-book. I hope it helps with diet and following through and being patient.

natureasintended says:

Many people reverse their conditions by going high carb, low fat vegan, and that's awesome. Some still have reflux (caused by h-pylori), and apple cider vinegar before meals is helpful for this, including because it contains probiotics (the sediment).

Lovelyday Vegan says:

Great advice – I totally agree – have started to change my son's diet.to keep him neutral from the inside. Having said that, it got so out of hand this last week that we ended up at the docs with a prescription for steroid cream. This is just to get it to a more manageable stage in order to sleep and avoid infection. I also went and bought some ACV and we started to test this 2 days ago, so your video comes at a very good time. Thanks 🙂

Alan Joy says:

i used braggs apple cider vinegar ..and there is noticeable improvement in my condition.. the itching is very very less .and i am able to sleep at night

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