What will happen if you DRINK APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Mixed with HONEY Every Morning? ✓

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Apple cider vinegar know as ACV, is a vinegar made out of cider and apple.

It is made mostly in cold regions due to large amount of availability of apple.

Vinegar is diluted acetic acid (CH3COOH) in which 4ml of acetic acid is mixed with 100ml water.

Apple cider vinegar is mostly used in marinades, salad dressings, vinaigrettes, chutneys and food preservatives.

By crushing apple squeezing out of liquid. The bacteria like yeast are added to the liquid and alcoholic fermentation begins in the liquid. By mixing alcohol, acetic acid (CH3 COOH) is converted into vinegar. The fermentation of acetic acid and malic acid gives as vinegar its sour taste. Apple cider vinegar is used from past many years for the benefit of our health. This is a traditional medicine known now a days. But vinegar as acetic acid, damages the soft tissues of our mouth, throat, stomach and kidneys.Vinegar makes the tissues of our body loose, which has a greater impact on our blood circulatory system. And also causes weight loss.

Honey is a sweet and tasteful liquid obtained from the hive of honey bees. It is very useful liquid used as herbal medicine.
It is sweet in taste, it is sugary food substance made up of flower nector and saliva of bees.

The bees roam around from one flower to another flower and sucks the nector of the flower and get back to the hive and drop nector there for the growth of the hive. Then, the bee keepers burn the hive and extract honey out of it. Then it is purified in the machinery to obtain pure honey and is used as herbal medicine. Doctor tells their patient to take honey with milk so that our hunger increases.
By taking honey without mixing with anything can cure cough.
Now, by taking honey with apple cider juice can increase your digestion capacity. It is useful for acid reflux, so people with general indigestion can use this remedy of apple cider vinegar with honey and can be cure from this type of problem. It also helps to maintain body weight which can keep as away from many diseases one should take 1 tea spoon of honey and 2 tea spoon in a glass filled with water. Take it 30 minutes before eating to prevent acid reflux. Choosing a organic apple cider vinegar can be more beneficial to the acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar and honey also work to decrease odor causing bacteria of the body and reduce oder. It is not proven that apple cider vinegar and honey can cure diabetes, but it can help you to relieve diabetes.

So by seeing the benefits of apple cider vinegar with honey can be beneficial to one’s body so taking it regularly can be very useful for our health.


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