What Happens When You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

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The consumption of apple cider vinegar and honey will provide numerous health benefits, including:
It alleviates inflammation
It promotes weight loss
It treats a sore throat
It reduces bad cholesterol (LDL)
It soothes joint pain
It boosts energy levels
It reduces blood pressure
It relieves heartburn and reflux
It gets rid of bad breath
It helps digestion and fights constipation

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Grace Jegels says:

i want to give this a try but are not sure should i use warm or cold water and how long i should be using it for does anyone know?

wingsoflove01 says:

hi am using metformin..can I use ACV? here I don't get organic ACV…..is it OK if I get un organic ACV? thnx

Rumya Suresh says:

how many days it's take to lose weight

sweety pop says:

hw much we can loose in 1 week

Katrina Spicer says:

Will ACV effect supplements like fish oil, pro and pre-biotics and other vitamins?

Ajay Kumar says:

ACV has high potassium??? Please read the label of the bottle folks.

ACV has 11 mg per helping. An adult needs nearly 5000 mg a day.

ACV has ONLY trace amounts of any mineral.

ACV helped my acidity, but I'm perplexed by people (and this video) claiming ACV is high in anything.

Audrey Mayo says:

2:40 for directions on how to make it

Michael Macpherson says:

I had heart problems and after a two weeks of using apple cider my heart problems went away and I also lost weight and I didnt have to exercise. It helps and I will not use anything(pharmacy medications) ever. If everyone knew this stuff is a cure all for everything then doctors and pharmaceutical companies would be out of business. Try you got nothing to lose and everything to gain !

Garry Antenord says:

Thanks for your video. I learned something new today.

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