Washing Natural Hair: Apple Cider Vinegar

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Please don’t just douse your hair in it like I did. 🙂
Mix 1 cup with 3 cups of water and massage in hair over the sink..don’t scratch your scalp too hard!
Rinse and condition..the smell won’t stay for long..especially after your hair dries.


junetocool says:

Thank you it was helpful

Keep_kicking_it_naturally says:

This was too funny …I know this video is old but I love your response to

namganga sumani says:


Cathy Wood says:


starrsandfury94 says:

So you shampoo, avc rinse, then use conditioner?


You have beautiful hair:)

NMMnaturael97 says:

Haa..I watch your videos for Hair Tips and To have a laugh.. Lol =]

Crystal Brielle says:

lol i love when you said, ” well my ac is a fan” lol I laughed so hard!

WeatherAnchorMama says:

You are hilarious! I think you’re supposed to dilute with water. Thanks for
the laughs. You are too funny!

Jennifer Carrithers says:

0:04 pause and see the funniest face ever

koitsme says:

Im going to try to breath… (blink blink) and blink. LOL Love the video!!
I may try this soon and try not to die on you! LOL Until the next video…

Sherae Welch says:

@864adrian the truth is you dont even need to trim/cut your hair to grow it
its just you have to take care of it but lets say it you use heat alot you
shud try using a realy good ahir oil treatmean in between!!

IntroGamePlay says:

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heathenmama00 says:

Lady, you are a nut!!! And I love it. I just woke up my husband when you
started sniffing your fingers! Thank you for this, I just found you so
forgive the late reply, but I love you girl!!!

777brownie says:

did ur hair textur change from using the apple cider?

jellobooty86 says:

how does that work? loosing weight thing.

Vonaray says:

Too funny! Loved your reaction!

peepla7 says:

Haha you bold. I use it as a final rinse…1 cup into a quart of water.
Gotta get the courage to try that!

tdubblz says:

Hey i have the same shower curtain. I donated to a family in need when i
was cleaning my house last spring.

Aubrey Malik says:

I use it after I shampoo then I rinse it out and do a deep conditioner
rinse that out then put a split end serum and leave in spray
conditioner..its a long process but it works soo good

pebbles612 says:

your very bouncy lol thats cutE!

C.KHiD says:

Thumbs up! A sister taking care of her hair is SEXY! Much Love

CHER62006 says:

pretty hair and loved that white blouse..

dupsybabe says:


stfuuuuuuuuu says:

thats vinegar for salads?

Sabrinna Ringquist says:

No Unfortunatly I dont think That works out. Lol But you can Get it at Frys
in the Health Food Section.

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