WARNING: GRAPHIC NEWS TO OUR HEALTH- passing fibroids from alkaline eating

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This video is for women with #fibroids and the men who love them. This is a fibroid I passed
I used Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar and it is very strong. You use 2tbsp and 1/4 baking soda. Let that mixer stop working before you add 1/4 cup of spring water. Drink it on an empty stomach three times a day. That will soften the fibroid. YOU MUST COMMIT TO A HEALTHY DIET.

First off, I don’t recommend a continuous use of this because it is very acidic that is why the soda is needed to act as a buffer. The soda itself is very alkaline but can cause internal damage because of it’s alkalinity. Once the stone or fibroid has softened use lime instead. You must commit to healthier eating and the videos I have posted are to assist you. There are many videos here to help you with healthier alternatives.

This is not Dr.Sebi approved.

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lydia green says:

what else can apple cider vinegar, baking soda and water do

lydia green says:

Wish I would have known in 2010 when I had to have surgery to have a fibroid removed Myomectomy I believe the word for the surgery

Reesie J says:

I'm so glad I found your video! I just wanted confirmation that I experienced this. It was a large amount to soft tissue unexpectedly. I was grateful that I have released one with many to go.

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