Vinegar and Artery Function

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DESCRIPTION: Sprinkling vinegar on greens may augment their ability to improve endothelial function.

This is the second video in my vinegar series. If you missed the previous one, it’s here: Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Weight Loss? (

Still to come are:
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We are only as healthy as our arteries. For more videos on things that may help or hurt, see:
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Note that there is a level of sugar intake that can adversely impact artery function (as detailed in my next video—stay tuned!).

Surprised about the alcohol data? For more on wine, see:
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Has anyone been able to find forbidden rice vinegar? Let me know—I’d love to try it! Here’s a recent video on how pigmented rice may beat our brown: Brown, Black, Purple and Red Unlike White on Rice (

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fenrisvargen says:

he should first state why he thinks an increase in artery dilation is healthier…

Peace To All says:

Mosquitos are attracted to the smell of vinegar, and other fermented/dead/rotting food … such as meat. It's a proven fact that meat eaters and beer/wine drinkers get more mosquito bites than vegans.  My kids have been vegan for over 5 years … drink zero beer or wine, eat zero vinegar … and they have not gotten a single mosquito bite in all that time … and they never use any bug repellants.  The only few times I got bitten was right after I ate some vinegar.

QueefJuiceOverflow says:

So just smash red grapes into a cup of vinegar then drink it?

tiptoptonic says:

This is interesting research; however, there's also considered to be an increased risk of developing stomach cancer with too much consumption of vinegar products (such as pickled vegetables).

TheWarIsWithin says:

u lost me at Canola oil that shit is pure poison.

Shira levenson says:

Please compare and recommend which is healthier, balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar?

potrebitel3 says:

Anything on potential levels of heavy metals in balsamic vinegar?
And any comparison with the god old Apple Cider Vinegar (raw and unfiltered)?

subodh kumar says:

your way of explanation is not good

Sam tron says:

As I transition to a vegan diet from an Australian Sad diet….I'll remember to eat some grapes and non alcoholic wine with my breakfast deluxe burger

MassacreBlast says:

What about pure white vinegar?

mandolin joe says:

I  would like to know about turmeric and black pepper >>


I could and do drink Balsamic Vinegar…. its that good… yum yum yum..

Smuddpie says:

What about the effects of other acids like citric? A squeeze of lemon juice makes almost everything taste bettwr, but does it have similar therapeutic effect?

Darth Vegan says:

You sir are both a scholar and a gentleman! XD

Allen says:

Hey Dr. Greger.
Vegan young athlete here. I ve been vegan for about a year now though I have a concern. And its not b12. It is vitamin k2. There is little useful information for a student like me. Could you cover vitamin k2 in relation to calcium and d3 in a video?

Rose McGuinn says:

Excellent! Thanks

Evad Glad says:

1000mg vitamin C + 800 of vitamin E before a high fat meal works, UC Davis medical students tried it on some pizza loving student body, the professor overseeing concluded a profound physiological effect, ultrasound monitor of blood flow thru brachial artery was observed, they ate the same meat laced combinations, those without the C and E were thick on slow, those with were faster

Doug bananaboy says:

Meat eater need to chug some balsamic

JD Sykes says:

ur vids rock dude…

Felicia M says:

please find studies on the effects of vinegar on the liver…. I'm questioning it's 'pickling' effect and the liver treating it like a toxin such as alcohol.

Michael Campion says:

Healthy fats bad for the arteries? One day, you will catch up with the latest research.

Bjamin1107 says:

Well e super blessfull my hair seems thicker and i've been haveing papa johns pizza, and i pray alot for miraculous health as well and alot of super awesome stuff:D

Jean C says:

So oil is detrimental to arterial function? I thought plant oils that are unsaturated didn't clog arteries?

wc koshka says:

Does anyone know if a plant based vegan diet helps with rosacea? There was a recent study that linked rosacea with Alzheimer's and I was just wondering if there was anything in the medical literature about it?

Moon Dancer says:

His book is really, really good!

Daniel Fife says:

I saw a TV announcement this week, as you stated, doctors are the number 3 cause of death in the US after heart and cancer.

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