They said APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is great for you, but this is WHAT they didn’t TELL YOU

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Cindy w says:

can't listen to this. I lasted a minute, but the atrocious computer voice is to annoying.

manos3790 says:

Time to close all doctor's surgeries and A+E's because we've found a cure for everything….seedar vinegar.

Penguin Linux says:

they need to put "computer voice" under the Tell Us Why, when you click on "not interested."

Sheila Sparr says:

Hate the robotic voice!!!

a. banks. says:

But… no matter what you add, just glad it's still good for you.

Linda says:

Thanks for the information. May I suggest that you put words up on the screen to go with the script? I much prefer reading the words and I switch volume off. Also the music was bit too loud and/or fast ( annoying.). But other than that, you presented a lot of Info which will help many, I'm sure!

Paul B says:

Apple "Seeder"…..??

Eddie Staden says:

go to hell acv is good fucker

VJ Blues says:

Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I do use ACV , Garlic, and Honey everyday.

D.T. Grosz says:

I really don’t like the mechanical voice – not sure why
anyone would use it?  Good information.

kerryincolumbus says:

what the hell is apple SEEDAR vinegar?? what the hell is that?

nelida kiss says:

love all your video

Dspeir says:

We don't need to see skin condition of eczema .

ruhi samani says:

even as a computerez voice, she makes mistakes in prounanciation

Valerie Strait says:

why not use a human for the voice over?

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