The Truth About Alkalinity

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Alkalinity may not be what you think. To balance pH you need to focus on a balanced diet of alkaline and good acidic foods. Many healthy and great foods such as blueberries, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and lemons are actually acidic.

Follow a nutrient-dense diet that is high in alkaline foods such as these:

1) Green Leafy Vegetables- chlorophyll helps to detox

2) Berries & Fruits- some are alkaline and some acidic) but are nutrient-dense- and fruits

3) Bone Broth- Amino acids and minerals from the bones are very alkaline-…

4) Spirulina and chlorella – add super greens powder to a smoothie

5) Herbs- cilantro, parsley, dill and basil – fresh or dried

6) Spiritual Triathlon- Getting your emotions in control can help your body stay alkaline

5 minutes- What are you grateful for in your life?
5 minutes- Read a devotion, Bible or personal growth book
5 minutes- Pray or meditate has more great articles on alkalinity as well as how to use food as medicine.


Edith Burgos says:

Dr Axe, I read arount that could be good to mix a soppn of sodium bicarbonate with organic apple vinager (I read about change vinager for lemon too), after ferment you complet the cup with warm water. They say carbon dioxide i good, for both body to help to get the PH stabilizate and for hair scalp, would you agree with it?

Ruben Paredes Elizondo says:

Dr. I would like to know your opinion in drink water with a little of Celtics sea salt and Baking soda as regular water all the time. only drink that water. thank you for all you videos.

Lazar Otasevic says:

stomach is acidic

Man Of life says:

I really respect you !!

billytheweasel says:

Bone broth: WARNING
Marrow constrains toxins the animals pick up from their feed or environment.
You must get organic bones to mitigate. Good luck finding those, I can't !
liked the vid very much, thanks.

Dabayare says:

When I was a student living in a dorm room with a hand/face washing sink. I developed a habit of using that sink for urinating instead of getting out to the shared bathroom. In my third year, I had a clogged sink and when I opened I saw rock hard sand smelling of nothing but urine. I researched only to find out that urine had sediments associated with acidic consuming people. Gave me a shock to change my ways that way and never repeated such lifestyle again. I was eating too much protein and sugar from shakes. My mornings were also full of coffee, eggs and sugar which I now stopped it for just porridge.

Tyler Leyte says:

Great video doc!

Unknown Name says:

Confused as to why he included lemons? Don't they alkalise in the body ?

Sheb C says:

Oops!  Sorry, I meant to say:  "Do" you have any recommendations?Thank You!

Sheb C says:

What are your thoughts on Water Ionizers?  So you have any recommendations?Thank You!

Sara Bea says:

Awesome video. Anybody know why we need to alkalise our bodies? Are they too acidic naturally?? I'm quite ignorant on this topic but luckily I'm already eating lots of fruit and veggies as well as spirulina so I am doing okay as is!

Ninfa V. says:

Great?thank u?

IglooDweller says:

Cool. I like the emotional tips at the end. Holistic healing!

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