The No Poo Method

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Today I will show you how to follow the no poo method. This method is meant to help you stop being dependent on commercial hair products. It is a natural, vegan, and holistic approach to hair care.

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B Watson says:


doris ivanova says:

Hey I'm new here can you please tell me how to prevent less split ends? BTW curly hair girl too <3 <3

Isaac Westerlund says:

Why stay away from the roots when spraying the ACV???

Charm Curls says:

Sou adepta do "low poo" e uso bicarbonato de sódio como shampoo e vinagre de maçã como condicionador. O resultado é ótimo!

Bést Yöùnö Yóù Nísī says:

Is that true that baking soda has a high PH level which is bad for hair ?

marlon foster says:

you are cute

Jessica Meza says:

What do I do if my curly hair is losing its curls ?

Aliesha Currie says:

Alessia Twin ???

LpsPinkSkyCat says:

Yup i definetly saw a diffrence i compared your hair in the beginning of the video and the last of the video i saw it was more fluffy it was a bit longer and your curls showed up beautifully i personally have curly hair that comes 1 inch before my but or maybe 2 and this method definitely helped my hair get less damaged and fluffy and stronger i love your vids so much your the best curly girl that gives actually good advice for curls

Rose Tyler says:

i just washing my hair one in the week whit only hot water and after cold, and my hair is completly clean, every 2 weeks i use lemon.
And i use to clean all my body only whit hot whater and sponge. and after when i am dry i use one stone for not smell it 🙂
my theeth i clean only whit coconut.
i clean all my house whit hot whater whit lemon and refrigiator (coolng) whit winegar (the natural one, whitout color).
And my clothe i clean whit washing balls (no product on it)

Abir Benamara says:

does this method wash off silicone?

Lilly Lamothe says:


Charne Buis says:

bro won't the baking soda damage my hair

ccruiz76 says:

you have gorgeous hair!
FYI…..I've done this for years and I also found helpful to put a few drops of olive oil and a few drops of peppermint oil. or your choice of essential oil. Helps moisturize your hair even more and the essential oils adds a great scent.

Pranita Amonkar says:

@curlypenny can we use baking powder for no poo, instead of baking soda? What is the difference?

Kheru Djhuti says:

why avoid the roots darling?

shakti kriya says:

can you do a review on the shea moisture peace rose oil complex line? 🙂

alan plemmons says:

I don't think so! Here is a blog you should read about baking soda shampoo.

Sabie G says:

How often do you do this ?

Maha says:

Love your hair!

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