The Biggest Benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar is Ketones

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Book: Folk Medicine by D.C. Jarvis, MD

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-Dr. Schmidt

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Cynthia Bardwell says:

Thanks Dr. Schmidt! I am doing a Low Carb High Fat diet, eliminating sugar completely, and the goal is to maintain my body in a state of Ketosis so I can lose weight. It's working like a charm. I've recently added ACV to my daily regimen and although I don't detect any change, I'm not giving up just yet. Will go back to my doc in Nov with new blood work up to see if my cholesterol is coming down. Thanks for posting, I will definitely check out your other videos. Would love to know your take on LCHF lifestyle. I've lost over 20 pounds since July 1.

Zena Sklir says:

how much to take a day ?

Infinity Searcher says:

The book mentioned at the end is "Folk Medicine" by Doctor D. C. Jarvis. It can be bought.

Pinakkolada says:

I've just started few days ago drinking Berg's Apple Cider vinegar with
soda 3x times a day. Also, I've eliminated wheat, dairy, sugar
completely from my diet two weeks ago(after doing food intolerance
test). I don't feel bloated anymore, I feel lighter and full of energy
but…When I go on the scale it shows +3kg more than my usual weight?
Anyone has an idea why is that and what's going on?? I'm a little bit

Donna Johnson says:

does this apply to african Americans as well? since the European diet makes us unhealthy? you speak of alkalosis in comparison to acidosis ,when it is a more alkaline diet that keeps not only aa healthy,free of mucous&candida and disease free,but everyone?

Srinath Seshadri says:

Wouldn't that mean ACV has calories ?

pucrob says:

Thank you Dr. Been using ACV with the mother for a long time. I used it for acid reflux. I am in Ketosis and didn't know it helps there too. I do 1 tbsp in water and use it on salads.

injanhoi1 says:

A very interesting video! I'll be sure to increase my intake of apple cider vinegar from now on and get my hands on that book you mentioned.

Sue Davies says:

I have been following your videos for some months now and have been able to get my blood ketone levels to 1.0 – 1.9. However, when I add in blood glucose and do a GKI I get a reading of around 3. A blood glucose of between 4 – 5.5 is usual. I am 55kg, 157cms short 🙂 and 67 years young. How can I get my blood glucose down lower (other than long fasts – at present, I work on a 16:8 cycle with occasional 24hr fasts).
Thanks in advance for your help.

ravenshireful says:

Does it have to be Apple? For example, I bought a bottle of Organic cider vinegar with mother. I din't realize it wasn't Apple till I got home. Is this OK?

Ben Joseph says:

How do u find out if u have yeast infection please?

Jade Rule says:

Tysm for this vid, just subbed 👍

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