THE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GAME!! – NBA 2K16 MyPark Gameplay ft. Trent

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NBA 2K16 MyPark Gameplay by @imav3riq
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lorette garrett says:

why do you covered the score

Jshaun Bennett says:

How are theye playing on the same court

King Of Texas says:

same move trent

adam weinberg says:

he kept saying its not Trents game yet he had 15+ points

G COBB 10 says:

That's me!!

KD Gilyard says:

That was a good game

Jaden Carter says:

mav you need to make them to take to shot cuz you were helping to try to save the game it's not your fault

Wilkenson Philamar says:

My Ding A Ling

Jayden Obiekwe says:

Trent has handles

zeke.nation 21 says:

I like the unies

Rashad Pace says:

play me in 2k my ps4 name is rashadmoney11

Demetrius Yarbrough says:

Trent is dope

Chiquana Anukem says:

thats cheese

Chiquana Anukem says:


Mekhi Miller says:

how do u 3 of yall play mypark at the same time ….. make a video of that please

Ibrahim Dambazau says:

how old is juice


yall need help yall are trash

rob4748 says:

mav why are you so bad at park nice video thou

Computer Tech says:

three tv's and three ps4's ??

kieron Bell says:

Are you brothers

YUNG.KELL6 says:

What's trents height

Derek Eldridge says:

Dude your not good teammate no matter what happens you don't help d when your up by 1. You stay on the three point line no matter what cuz a 2 won't win the game so if they get one it doesn't matter.

Chris Bridges says:

Trent shoots to much doesn't pass to the open cutters and dribbles to long, juice gets beat up defensively and mav tries to do to much as a whole

Spazz Black says:

"Trent it's just not your game" as Trent scores 13 and Mav scores 0 and gives up the game winner

i am a retard lol says:

its all mav fault for not paying attention to his person that he should be guarding and so they lost

Byrds Tip to gaming says:

I didn't know juice had the iPhone 6 plus

J Money says:

Trent's gotten better😃👍

FTW Gaming says:

What overall r u guys

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