The Amazing Hair Growth Result With Onion Juice!!!

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Please set this video before you will watch it on HD quality!
This is my result after 5 days of using Onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar mixed together on juice + Nizoral 2% shampoo.

Casto oil:



First time I notice that I’m losing my hair when I was 19. Now I’m 26 year old I have no hair and I again try to get them back!!! 🙂

I believe It will be no long way, but you never know what can happen.

This is my rutine since first day till the 5th day:

OGV application on evening with massage my head.
Washing my hair with head and shoulders shampoo with cold water to reduce smell, let work for 5 minutes and rinse the head with water. After that I wait 10 minutes and than applicate Nizoral 2% with massage of head for 5 minutes, after that just rinse my hair with water.

Also I do nail rubbing from the first day 10.11.2016 for 20 minutes daily.


Mi mi lovehealth says:

isn't onion high in sulphur? perhaps MSM might work? Also Silica in capsule form, (other form, is more to aid digestion),works for women post birth. Probably not ideal to take forever, but most women find it works over a few months.Biotin I think is more for improving the quality of hair, but don't quote me on that. says:

What is the procedure

Hussain Huzu says:

plzzzzz reply…….

arebo dino says:

Sir were I can find this things.

ken tran says:

can you post any results if youre still using onion+ other products

Debapratim Mondal says:


Jagat singh says:

yah btao ki hum only juice try kr skte h kya ya garlic b lgana jauri h

Basil Siraad says:

2 questions my friend.
1) Was this onion juice only
2)If I used a dermaroller to make my skin red before I apply the juice onto it will it boost the growth

Mubashir Ma says:

What is the method bro?

Bechet B says:

It`s been a year since I started out trying everything to treat my hairloss. Till I used this informative guide, “mawa shocking plan” (Google it). After 3 weeks I`ve got little hair on my shower comb when I brush my hair. After Four weeks I`m now starting to observe little baby hairs on top of my head and the hair I do have is getting longer.

Shahenaz Shaikh says:

How to make juice and method to apply onhair plz sugeest

jess DJ says:

I have natural straight hair but when I'm not take care of it,it gona really frizzy,dry,damage I decide to cut it,,I cut it short like a boy ,, and now I'll started to take care of it ..would it be back to my natural straight hair back???plus I will use the onion will it grow to my back natural straight hair??(sorry my grammar)

wicked sunny says:

make a new update pls

Mahbub Aalam says:

how many time need message and keep it on had tell me please

Mahbub Aalam says:

only onion is enough or need something more

Asghar Ali says:

sir what is NIZORAL

Mauricio Requena says:

how do you get rid of the onion smell on your hair?

Abc 123 says:

Problem is:
Nizoral does have dht blockers and hence helps restore hair , (the onions might not be doing anything. It could all be the nizoral. And nizoral is potentially dangerous for a persons liver).

Melly Fedes says:

Hi can u recommend me a budget shampoo for my hair D one i knw is Khadi Natural , so do u knw any shampoo ?Which provide better results?

Abc 123 says:

Nizoral has dht blockers

SanaUllah Afridi says:

where is OGV available in pakistan ?? any specific medical store plx

fmnagaraj coimbatore says:

hi onoion jiluice is enough

Pankhuri Sharma says:

I used to have long and thick hair
But as I m getting busy in my life…i forget to oil my hair everytime
Can this remedy help me to get my beautiful hair back??
Plz reply

Pankhuri Sharma says:

I used to have long and thick hair
But as I m getting busy in my life…i forget to oil my hair everytime
Can this remedy help me to get my beautiful hair back??
Plz reply

Tumpal Sagala says:

please upload your current video

Clfatax Kayse says:

how I don't understand it
please help me,how I can keep my hair
give me best salutation

Suma Sri says:

we need to apply every day.. is it so necessary?

STAINS 1 says:

maan!! youre still bald!!!!

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