Video showing the simple way to eliminate fruit flies from your house or kitchen. Easy method using normal kitchen items and ingredients. No need to buy special traps or go to extreme lengths. Does not [More]
This is the After video showing that even after 24 Hours the mixture isn’t working. However the Insecticide Spray is working so far. The aphids are all gone from the banana tree so that’s awesome! [More]
I usually get these Nasty critters early fall-but they are gone with in 1-2 days with the apple cider vinegar and dish soap. EXPAND FOR MORE INFO- —————————————-­———————– CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE ONE CHANNEL(S) ♥Controlling [More]
Tired of using harmful chemicals and want a home remedy to get rid of fruit flies? Try this method we came across. All you need is 3 items. 1. Small deep dish 2. Apple Cider [More]
Hi Everyone! This is a different type of video but I think it may be useful to someone out there…it works for me everytime when it’s a heavy Gnat season. Remember, the vinegar needs to [More]
The fruit flies are insane in September here in Pennsylvania. Here’s a tutorial of my favorite way to make a homemade fruit fly trap. Materials Water Bottle Scissors Tape or Packing Tape Apple Cider Vinegar [More]
Make a homemade trap to get rid of those nasty gnats and fruit flies. Make a simple cheap do-it-yourself gnat trap using a sugar shaker and apple cider vinegar. Gnats are extremely attracted to the [More]
Using apple cider vinegar and soap, this fruit fly trap is super easy and effective. A must in a traditional kitchen full of fermenting foods! Print instructions are here:
How I started my homemade vinegar…step one… plus a tip on how to get rid of fruit flies.