Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss Side Effects

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Jennifer Lumagto says:

its bullshit! it seems all info. are wrong. this was a discretion.

M Qasim says:

everything is harmful when we use out of limit otherwise it is good for helth

wogahboy wogahboy says:

what ever!! it works for me. lol

Aminat Ismail anuobi says:

war music 😩

seerin jahan says:

stop making bullshit videos on YouTube.

blues nspire says:

people please go take a walk, run, exercise or go to gym.. instead of consuming vinegar for weight-loss.. frankly I don't like acv or any vinegar.. and in no way am believing it has no side effects..acv is meant for use in the kitchen.. if it was meant for weight-loss then the company should write it in their lable..until then please do not consume anything people just recommend to you because they had a good outcome, your's might be different..if at all you do want to use these methods for good health please do consult a doctor before to see if the product you are opting for is suitable for your health conditions or's very important.

Mahima Mahajan says:

cant you make voice video.. It takes lots of time to read.. If we want to read we will google it.

Aabee Jan says:

all stupidities are together here in this video, I.e. dirty background music, hand writing…

Gigi Cooke says:

as i was watching this i was drink my acv mix been on it now for almost two weeks .. i feel better seem to have more energy and i have lost a solid five pounds!!!
i have a 32oz. bottle i put bout 4 table spoons of acv in and a couple of lemon wedges in and fill it up… and sip on it all day..

Crazyfrank 818 says:

Can we use the Heinz apple cider vinegar

Sandra Hill says:

the background music drives me away . want me to watch, stop the crappy music

Vasanthi E says:

it is not affect babs

MAHROSH Mahrosh says:

daily pena hai kitny time or subah nashty se pehly pena hai hali pait?thnx for rply.

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