Shocking Side Effects Of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is one of the most powerful natural healing properties. It has a lot of benefits and uses. But like other remedies it has some side effects which can lead us to several body damage. Life is too short and beautiful but there’s a few who really care about it. Most of the people just run after the products being blindfolded by just seeing the advantages. Some of us really work hard and try to figure out what exactly it has n can do to our body. It can be good or bad. There you won’t get sufficient information all the time. So before using any product, you must consult a doctor or research on the ingredients used in the products because you can get your skin recovered but can’t get the exact previous skin. So please watch this video if you are using ACV. Hope it’ll be helpful to u.

I’m not paid by any drug company or individual to make this video. All I wanted to do is to create an awareness of the side effects of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and other raw Apple Cider Vinegar in exxcess. If anyone experience any kind of side effects I mentioned in my video, don’t delay to see your doctor. The aim of this video is also to remind people that before consuming anything except doctor’s consultation or before a health check-up May result in health damage.

There are a lot of people arround who suffer these side effects. Observing is a key… Other sources are,


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The Wind says:

There are 20% people who say that they didn't know bout the side effects before tho they were experiencing…. 25% people claim that they were already told by the company itself about the side effects…. 35% are condemning me to the lowest hell because they think it has no side effects. If so, then it's against the rules of nature as everything has a shaddy side. If acv doesn't have, it can totally be considered as the FIRST WONDER OF THE UNIVERSE……Only 10% comments are neutral…..

Became a silent observer….😤
(no offense… After all I'm a human n not beyond fault n mistakes…. I respect ur opinions n LOVE YOU to the moon😍)

Sandra Lindley says:

Apple cider vinegar is safer and more affective on acid reflux than anti-acids. Anti-acids kill both the good and bad acid in your body whereas the ACV only kills the bad and replaces the good making your digestive tract more alkaline like it's suppose to be! ACV can kill your heartburn in as little as 60 seconds! No medication made up of chemicals works that fast! Ive used ACV for many yrs with no problems rather the opposite! And have read much about it! I would suggest you Please do some more research! But at the same time, I appreciate your efforts to help others, I just think you are somewhat mis-informed. I have worked in the medical field and have a knowledge of prescription drugs. I also have a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and best friend who are nurses. My best friend's husband is a neurologist. I worked with them for a long time. He understands how chemicals react on the brain and body and prefers the all natural route when at all possible including ACV! I don't know your background, but I would sincerely suggest some more reading on the subject please! But thanks again for your time and effort. It's nice to see someone that truly care about the welfare of others!!!

Lee Morrill says:

the video assumes agreement. sources cited. sounds kinds fake to me….hope Bragg. sues her and requests sources of information.
blah blah blah

Joseph Varju says:

you need to get a job . you should talk about the so called medicine that doctors give to brainwashed people to get well .then you can talk about side effect, deadly ones . if you are here to spread missinformation ,please go back ……..

Theresa Ramsay says:

The only negative is acid erosion on your enamel

MrUseless247 says:

I eat pretty healthy, when I consume the apple cider vinegar I take it like cough syrup. . . a quick couple spoons. Like I said I already eat healthy and keep track of all my macros.

neelam behl says:

hi thank you for making this video and confirming my doubts. i didn't understands why i reacted so severally after consuming acv each time, i tried it two times with lots of gap each time because my naturopath would keep asking me to take it, trusting him i did, but i was sick for one week first time. then i stopped it but but few months later i tried it again as he insisted i take it. trusting him again i started again but took smaller quantity and hoped i might not react but i did, so severaly that i started bleeding rectally and i am on medication since then. it is two yrs. it is horrible stuff. not for everyone. people r different and have different bodies. this is not good for people with high acid level in the body already. so pls watch it . dont jump into taking and i would like to say that whoever is saying bad about this video they r very mean. they have no right to condemn it just because it suits them .

aldebina saguimpa says:

i think this video is not not true, i drink apple cider with honey before going to bed i feel good and sleep well

Tess W says:


Marilyn Mesias says:

if you take too much of anything is bad. So yea. I love apple cider vinegar I lost all my baby weight

Peri habibi says:

Is IT true that you Can't be pregnant in the future IF you drink applecidervinegar??

demetric percival says:

let me guess this person works for one of the many major drug dealers around the World. ( CVS, WALGREENS ETC). Every since I started take ACV everyday, I haven't had any problems with my Asthma… no more sending close to $600 a month in meds..

Daniel Williams says:

You are not a doctor. Stop pretending to be one. I won't pretend to be a doctor either, however my primary care physician recommended it to stimulate my low metabolism. There were, of course, blood tests, urine tests, and more lab results than I could possibly interpret. My doctor, however is trained to do so. DON'T GET YOUR HEALTH ADVICE FROM YOUTUBE! See a licensed board certified health care professional before beginning an ACV regimen (or any health regimen), if they say it's okay, trust that… not some faceless video narration.

Erin Vaughn says:

Detoxifying 😊

Erin Vaughn says:

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing and has incredible healing properties ! if you're having any side effects it's because your body is detoxify. This is incorrect information ! Please do your research !

Don Ghiata says:

This video really is a bunch of BC ( bull crap ) ! ACV is good medicine as opposed to prescription drugs which are poison and can be deadly.

jez John says:

3:30 time started about side effect… lol thank me later

Esther Odiete says:

I love it. Thanks

sheeba11 says:

silly video

Osprexx says:

I hardly understood what she was saying anyway.

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