Review And Results! 2 Weeks With Apple Cider Vinegar!

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I’m so excited about my results! Follow my channel to see my journey!


Paulina Maria says:

I started drinking it a week ago & ive noticed that I have so much energy

Sadorha Buteau says:

how come it never works for me?

Tray .c. says:

Can i use regular vinegar or does it have to be acv and if it does can you tell me why

Sophia Mattox says:

Did you drink soda on while on this drink i really would like to know and if you did how much

john alphonze Romero says:

i started yesterday im using 1 tbsp and glass of water..

Cyber Doll says:

Her accent is too cute. Southern belle. 🌸

shelby cayias says:

do you have to work out alot? I only work out for 4 hours, 3 days out of the week.

Bridgeitta1 says:

I changed my diet to a low carb and calorie diet no cheat days drank this disgusting drink for a week, no weight loss, I didn't exercise much but I wasn't a couch potato, I just lost 11 pounds and I hit a Plateau thought this would kick it into gear, i'm very disappointed and discouraged

JaneanRose says:

I am currently drinking this. I'm going to barf. I might of added too much ACV to my water :/

tcnascar1 says:

3 weeks in and nothing for me. I was only doing once a day though- pm only.

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