Remove Moles, Warts and Skin Tags with Apple Cider Vinegar in 5 days!

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This is the process of me removing a large mole on my face with apple cider vinegar. How To Put in Tape Hair Extensions
Also, in the first few seconds I show my MOLE FREE FACE!

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Sandra D Rodarte says:

You can help you save yourself a lot of money from cream contains hazard
chemicals cause skin irritation if you wish to get rid of moles naturally
without damaging the skin

Kelline Pickett says:

It’s true, it works, I just finished doing it with two flesh colored moles
on my forehead and chin. It took 5-7 days for the entire removal process to
complete but I’m now to the doctoring part where the moles used to be. I’m
so happy I could cry!!!!

duke says:

its BLACK! oh no , we don’t want that now. 

victor toombs says:

What was the concentration of the ACV that ypu used? I bought a bottle of
ACV at the local grocery store and it says it’s diluted to 5%. That seems
really weak. I only used it once overnight and it seemed extremely mild
with no irritation at all. Is the concentration of ACV that you used in the
video higher than 5%? Thanks!.

Nayrbm Menman says:

Anyone can help me where to buy apple cider vinegar? Is rare in the market?

Hodgepodge Buhgodge says:

I hope that this isn’t more snake oil. Tag Away certainly didn’t work.

Joel Escol says:

This is really great information about skin tags and large moles.

James Blair says:
Abdi Khalif says:

Curious why is it only Apple Cider vinegar? Could you not use regular

Jeffrey Knipple says:

You picked at it lol haha

Stephanie Juarez says:

I have a skin tags right next to my eye is it safe to use that

Patrick Dixon says:

So it won’t leave a scar if u don’t pick 

Cas Trevino says:

I have had good success with garlic to remove warts on my head and face,
just cut a slice of fresh garlic and apply it on top of the wart, it itches
for a few minutes then it kinda numbs the area a bit, after a slice dries
up try a couple of slices more on the wart, you can tape on one slice on
the wart and leave it over nigth, the wart eventually falls off.

Quy Tran says:

Kristine Lang says:

I’m on Day 3 of trying this for a cherry angioma and it’s definitely
working. Today it kind of burns a little, but I picked at it yesterday
(which I shouldn’t have done) so that probably has something to do with it.
It should be gone in another day or two. 

supahnakeyboyz says:

What do I do for warts under the finger nail.

svenlundergard1 says:

Doctors tell us not to mess with moles!! Not a good idea unless a doc sees

13x60 says:

I had a couple of these small black moles on my neck (kind of bothered me
every time I saw them there), I decided to take a nail clipper and cut them
off. Now they’re gone. LOL! I’m serious. I disinfected the mole and the
clipper before I cut them off. What’s left there? Two little black marks
instead of those moles sticking out. No big deal. They’re gone and no more

sham oshay says:

A little bit of a red mark :yeah right

Terry Madison says:

I certainly does work, hang tag off in about 5 days. Only problem was I was
allergic to the bandage I used and ended up at Kaiser with a raw,
red ,rash on the neck.
. All gone now, along with the tag and looks like it was never there.

Long Tran says:

Can you use white vinegar?

VetrogronProject says:

i have so many small flat moles not on my body, just my face people have
told me im good looking and all but i dont care these moles are irratating
and i dont know if i should do it too many times might cause skin
irratation :/

Pimp2025 says:

Good vid, just to anybody that tries this definitely do not try and pick it
off as it will scar up worse if you pick at it

connie black says:

So so amazing! Thank you for making this video!!

thepabbie says:

Do I have to use Apple Cider Vinegar or can I use just vinegar? 

Sophie Laran says:

Mine is a little raised can I still do it and can I use normal tape because
I don’t have surgical tape 

Jen Gauthier says:

I would of got check by a doctor because it could be cancerous and you do
not play with cancer. Get removed by doctor and and least you would know
how you will never know.

xoxoZee Talksxoxo says:

does the scar go away?

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