Reduce cholesterol naturally

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It is actually an ancient home remedy (which has juices of garlic, ginger, lemon & apple cider vinegar in natural honey).

This syrup is very useful to prevent heart problems, to maintain normal weight and to correct the digestive system of the body. It melts unwanted fat & cholesterol in a natural way to convert them into energy.


Thomas Webb says:

Why do you heat this mixture

L zahid says:

I have a very important question now. If we want to get the full benifit of fruit juices, they have to be consumed fresh and within a few minutes after juicing the fruits.According to some theories, you can maximum store it in the fridge for 8 hours even though it's not ideal and might lose a lot of it's benifits by then. I believe Garlic ginger and lemon juice aren't any different. Why are we simmering them? should we not drink them fresh?

Umar Muallim says:

I made this.
1. 1 cup of ginger juice (remove and clean the entire skin to avoid the juice changing colour)
2. 1 cup of lemon juice
3. 1 cup of garlic juice
4. 1 cup of acv
5. 1 or 3 cup of honey.
> Prepare the juice measure with same size cup (only juice no water added, can use juicer or slow juicer)
> Cook only items 1-4
> Put the first 3 cup (any one of the 4 items), remember the level on the pot)
> Put the fourth item.
> Don't cook honey to avoid losing its beneficial essentials
> Use medium/ low heat n always stir to avoid burn on the base
< Cook until it reach the level of 3 cup (estimately 30 to 45 minutes)
< Let it cool down until room temp
< Add honey (3 cup but if u have diabetic or don't like sweet put 1 cup
< Fill in the bottles or airtight jar and refrigerate
< drink 30ml night to maintain health. If u have high cholestrol or any disease like high blood presure, stroke and diabtc, consume 2 times per day (30 ml) morning and night.
> Its good to drink in the morning. Drink 1 cup of plain water before drink this anti cholestrol juice in the morning.

zilkany says:

Thanks Priya.

Marta Marszal says:

Good video , but how many times you drink and how much ?

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