Q&A #2 – Best Types of Water, Teeth, Marijuana, Apple Cider Vinegar

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A Q&A about the Mucusless Diet Healing System with Prof. Spira and other special guests.

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General Disclaimer: The content found in this video and associated websites are based upon the opinions and research of Professor Spira and is strictly for informational and educational purposes only. The content is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a licensed health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge, information, and opinions based on the the research and experiences of Professor Spira.



Leigherica Jones says:

Thanks for the video very potent and relevant information! You are always so positive Prof Spira.

mark Martin says:

your right raw food is fruits and vegetables with water in tact

Samuel Joseph Wilson-Lassalle says:

Water is Super important Brothers!! We are made of water, the inorganic materials in non-distilled water are also waste! distilled water acts as a solvent to break down these deposits in the body!

Thank you for spreading the Love.

Sourcepowa says:

Andrew Norton Webber on youtube has great info on the best water to drink.

s says:

My view is my teeth are just like my colon or any organ in my body – if there is decay, I can heal it with the mucusless diet.

DumbEraser says:

I think You guys are right at a few points, but totally wrong on some others…

SeenoChasm says:

I've never had an experience with smoking before, but Tony's thoughts and expressions of his own and the findings he's discovered were very powerful… visceral, I might add. Definitely a highligh in this 2 hour video. Thank you for letting him share on the topic as freely as you did Professor Spira, these resources are such a blessing. Feeling very Grateful.

Blessings <3

Surya Namaskar says:

00:36 Best Types of Water
18:47 Food and Culture
35:47 Teeth
1:07:02 Marijuana
1:36:43 Apple Cider Vinegar

i am says:

i only drink water when i exercise, because i got hydrated from eating fruits and

Lou Pizza says:

What about marijuana made into a tea? If you or anyone has an experience or thoughts they can share I'd appreciate it.

Anthony Catullo says:

This is just to add on the answer given about diet and culture.  Most cultures before modern society used what was around to cook.  Traditional Italian cuisine comes from the food that were locally grown.  That concept changed as society changed and migrated.  Now days people have the ability to import virtually anything from outside your local environment, which has the potential for cuisine to become even more diversified.

Laura Cherry says:

I think to myself ok I want something sugary, then I think to the process of going up the ladder, so I reach for the peanut/cashew butter, then I end up eating the whole jar! One spoon turns into 3, turns into 10 and I cant control myself! Its best I avoid that option in the future!

Billy says:

you people need to reclaim  your born instincts on what is right and wrong..spira will never heal u but u will heal yourself if u learn to listen to yourself..not your mind but your inner self

Billy says:

spira..your still semi brainwashed..thinking from ego

The 40 Year Old Vegan says:

Gotta love a man that quotes the amazing weird Al Yankovic in the name of truth and health

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