Put Vinegar On Your Plants And This Will Happen

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There’s a handy ingredient probably sitting in your pantry just waiting to provide an array of super benefits. Vinegar. did you know you can safely use this ingredient in the garden too?
Check out a few clever ways you can use vinegar (white and apple cider) where your veggies and plants spend their days:

1.Vinegar Kill weeds: Instead of spending a lot of money on toxic chemicals to get rid of the weeds in your garden, pouring apple cider vinegar directly on the weeds. The acetic acid will stop weed growth without damaging the soil.

2.Get rid of ants: Ants don’t like the smell of vinegar, so you can keep them at bay by mixing 1-part water and 1-part vinegar in a spray bottle and attacking ant hills with the solution. Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar work well.

3. Freshen flowers: Cut a pretty bouquet of flowers from your garden and keep them fresh by adding two tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar to a quart of water, and add your flowers.

 4.Feed your plants: Some plants (like Gardenias, Holly, and Begonias) thrive on acidic soil. You can give those plants some extra love by spritzing with a mixture of 1 gallon of water with 1 cup of white vinegar.

5.Test the PH level of your soil: The acid levels in your soil can affect how well plants grow. You can run a simple test on your dirt by placing a bit of the soil in a container and then add 1/2 cup vinegar. If the vinegar begins to fizzle and bubble, the soil is too alkaline. Add sulfur or peat moss to even out the soil’s acidity.

6.Remove allergens from your hands: If you’ve been digging in the dirt with your bare hands, make sure to rinse your hands with white distilled vinegar. The vinegar will remove allergens and other debris so you don’t start itching.

7.Keep common pets out of your garden
Animals that love to get in your garden, like raccoons, rabbits, moles, rodents, and deer also happen to hate the smell of vinegar, so it will keep them out naturally without causing them harm. All you have to do is soak a few rags in your apple cider vinegar and place them strategically throughout your garden. Re-soak them once a week to ensure they retain their maximum effectiveness.
And 8. Clean pots: Mix 1-part water, 1-part white distilled vinegar. Soak glazed, clay or plastic pots in the solution for at least an hour to remove stains and mineral deposits.

Have You Ever Used Vinegar in Your Yard?
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Andrew T says:

There is a book, here in the UK anyway, called 101 uses for Vinegar. so yes I heard about these uses.

Layla Hassan says:

Loool. use vinegar to get rid of me, I hate the smell.

Alice Rabbit says:

Pro-tip: Around blacks, never relax.

Daniel T. says:

This video alone earned you my like and subscription.

bigdn dallas says:

Wow, thx for the great tips for vinegar. I like to soak my feet in vinegar and epsom salts.
Takes off dead skin, makes feet smooth again, and they feel just great!

TheBertMan Rox says:

Sorry Gary. Are you a florist?


I have a magnolia and 🌹 and Holly trees where do find out if will not kill them

Dan Hiteshew says:

I use vinegar to check the rocks I put in my aquaria. If the vinegar reacts to the rocks, then the rocks will affect the pH of my tank water.

torreslalo20 says:

garden PETS lol

Ziyu Chan says:

Vinegar is fantastic. I make my own bamboo vinegar for my farm and it does wonders.

Regina Dymersky says:

Vinegar did not kill mine!

indy_go_blue60 says:

If you have an Ollie's nearby, you can get 20% vinegar, which is about 10-15x the usual strength of store brand vinegar. That's the only place I've ever found it.

you tube 425 says:

I douche with vinegar.

Ay One says:

does this work for marijuana(weed) a.k.a. smokeables? or no? please tell me asap.. need to kno..

peggyt1243 says:

So you spray gardenias with vinegar to make them grow and you spray weeds with vinegar to kill them. Makes sense to me.

Bill Ward says:

I use vinegar on the driveway, sidewalks and stone work kills weeds instantly.

springfeld100 says:

Use Vinegar in your Bathroom to clean everthing ! Thats an old receip

Top Facts says:

daily basis upload videos so please watch most top things in the world 2017 must subscribe

BlueRice says:

will it work on my neighbor who smoke weed? i want to remove them

nakyer says:

I think you meant "pests", not "pets".

Eren Jäger says:

0:49 Attacking ant hillts with it, why gotta be so cruel.

peter newby says:

mix one cup vinegar, one cup water, a half a cup of pool salt and a spoon of dishwashing liquid. (pool salt is cheaper than table salt) shake and spray. it burns the weeds VERY quickly.

nekra nz says:

itchy from dirt? lol

Balles McGee says:

1:58 I believe you meant "pests".

Cybilee Elliott says:

My husband uses a mix of white vinegar, powdered salt, and blue dawn dish liquid on weeds in our yard and garden. it works better than any weed killer on the market….

Peter Barlas says:

What about cockroaches

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