PAINFUL APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WAGER! – MUT Wars Ep.63 | Madden 17 Ultimate Team

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MUT 17 (Madden 17 Ultimate Team) Gameplay by @imav3riq
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Madden 17 MUT Wars by @imav3riq
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Tisiphani Mayfield says:

I am 9 and you trash juice

Christopher Burney says:

Mac y u get mad when Trent start or about to start beating juice????!

Darian Martin says:

The all rookie packs don't have heat.

Bucketbros 111713 says:

Juice was wearing porzingis the same day I am

Jasmine Smith says:

Juice was wearing a knicks jersey

Carlton Morris says:

Juice, how are you so buns at running in a straight line fam

John Williams says:

I thought Trent had on a Lakers jersey at first .

Zachery Westerhoff says:

Trent you suck you are horrible

Michael Stailey says:

I have 500k but y a twitter

daniel carter says:

Mav said he don't watch a lot of bears games but u watch a bunch of alshon highlights huh lol

Jermaine Russell says:

wen dion smelt that fart i died

William Aycock says:

Mav getting those free packs?

William Aycock says:

Mav getting those free packs?

FrostGaming says:

juice had multiple ties at the gaunlet

Madden Bros says:

Why you guys such haters about the redskins

Luisglg71 says:

How the fluff do you accidentally sell a LTD ?

Bears cards 24 says:

Bruh I did that apple cinder vinegar with him it sucks

Yung LA says:

Trent's ritual had me rolling ?

WolfPack Hunts says:

Apple cider oh heck nah I'm sleep

Paul Pruitt Jr says:

If I was Juice I would upgrade TE and RG next. For Trent I would upgrade LOLB and his Center next.

Justin Toledo says:

I have a fire perk idea I think .. But have no twitter it's Called Revenge if someone is coming off a Lost and gets the win by 21 Skunk then he can draw from a hat and whatever number he picks they have to quick sell that card.???? Fuego lol

jake newcomb says:

The all rookie collectibles go into a set that you put in 30 of them and it gives you a all rookie elite player

Tay Terrell says:

my grandpa drinks vinegar to get slim but he mixes it with water

Niref Simpson says:

you can make 3 that well make those 2 start like can it

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