Pain Free with Ankylosing Spondylitis – My Story

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I no longer use Apple Cider Vinegar or No Starch Diets to manage AS – I am now in remission. If you’re interested in finding out how, message me. (

Check my other videos out to find out specifics related to the disease or treatment.


Dimiter Alexov says:

I can relate a lot to your story, especially about the part, where you didn't know exactly what the problem is and every doctor would just tell you the same old, muscle stiffness, improper training and other shenaningans. Until I finally had myself examined, and at least learned about what I actually have and how to treat it more or less. Although, lately I've been thinking of changing up my diet a bit, I don't feel like I can follow a strict diet as you do, but at least incorporate some of the foods in my diet and kind of create my own, so that it fits with my regime. I'll definitely give the apple cider vinegar remedy a shot and I'd love to hear out some more advice on which kind of foods to incorporate in my daily routine. One of the problems I have is that, most of my diet contains starch and probably that will be the harder things to let go of. For me personally, what helps me best, cope with the pain is being engaged in movement throughout the day and just being active. Do you also do any sort of stretching exercises, that you can recommend? On a final note, I appreciate you sharing your experience on Ankylosing Spondylitis, it sure as hell is one bitch of a disease, but I feel confident that it can be conquered!

Rahul Acharya says:

any sajeson for dayet plans pls help me

Rahul Acharya says:

Hii dear i am from indian a am paisant of as hla b27 + a am suffering so much paid in my life but last few year i try phisiyo therapy i filing less paid nwo days

allysa kelley says:

Have you tried to only eat sugar items with natural sources of sugar such as honey or organic maple syrup, while doing the ACV?  I find cutting gluten and reducing amounts of sugar and only using natural sources, to help dramatically cut the extra pain my NSAD doesn't help.  I am excited to try this ACV treatment and hope I can get off the medication.  Have you hear of Tom O'Bryan does a lot of research around gut bacteria for a lot of auto immune issues and love a lot of the information he talks about.   This is not an easy disease to control, as my father an me both have it and see the effects in my father when nothing is done about it, and ruining his stomach so medication isn't an option for him.Thanks for your story and great information!  I would like to hear how things are going and any new research you've come upon. You explain so idiots like myself understand!

optimus prime says:

hiii… I am a medical student from India ….recently diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis…

Jeff Craigen says:

Hey Kyle! Hows the progress going. Love to cat with you again and see what's new. I have a few things I can share with you as well. Very effective things I've discovered 🙂

Paul Wykle says:

Kyle does it hurt to heat the water and drink the water warm possibly with honey?

199mill says:

wow this is great! i must try this, i have had pain for 7 years now..
I didn't catch how much you took daily tho?! Thank you for sharing 🙂

Ar lene says:

It is terrible..Oh, I wish it would work for me.

Alex Thon says:

inspiring video, will def start diet NOW.
how do you feel now, 1 year later ?

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