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This is a collaboration with my daughters channel Katie Colee
Please make sure you subscribe to her channel as well. Organic Mother Apple Cider Vinegar, used for so many different health reasons. Google it and you will see hundreds of benefits. I’m taking it for allergies… I have friends that swear it works so I’m going to give it a try twice a day and see what happens. CANT HURT


Rum Mug the Orc says:

* that stuff

Rum Mug the Orc says:

I think I'm gonna get stuff!

Rum Mug the Orc says:

Hello !!!! Im watching, and I have subscribed!!! Check out my new YouTube channel it's a comedy with a conservative twist


Awesome video and very entertaining as always. I ❤️apple cider vinegar I use it for hair and I drink it twice a week. Thanks for letting me know it work for allergies??❤️??Have a beautiful day guys. Pls Visit my channel new video is up. Thanks:)

Music Quemedo says:


Music Quemedo says:


Play Doh Kids Channel says:

very nice video liked it friends 🙂


This is awesome. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I am a new subscriber and if you get the chance check out my channel and subscribe. God bless.

Beerandon says:

great video! definitely liked and subbed! If you would like to, come check out my newest video! Thanks! 🙂

The New Orleans Gardner says:

Thank you for your kind words..I have subscribed to your channel as well..

Sapphire says:

I was just telling Katie in her video to let me know if this works because my husband struggles with sinus and it's not draining properly so if it does work do another video and let me know if it cleared and also drain your sinuses so I can try this on my husband thank you so much God bless you?

Marshfamlife Vlogs says:

Apple cider vinegar is amazing! It's good for so many things. You guys are beautiful! I subbed. And thanks


good info (:

Living with Laureen says:

Very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Gave it a thumbs up ?

Sophia Rose Surprise says:

Thanks for visiting my channel, we love our channel and are subscribed. great work keep it up

This Is It Kulits says:

Oh nice!! Good remedy option..good to know. Vinegar scares me but at least there is honey so it may not be so bad!! Thanks for visiting our channel we subscribed

ThatsSoVictoria says:

Wow I did not know that !!
Great video , very informative !!

Going Gorbett says:

I take daily shots of the same vinegar. I love it! I actually love vinegar so it goes down easy lol

megs Valdez says:

HI sweetheart you are beautiful, nice channel too godbless, new subbie here hope you subbed back godbless xoxo!

BeautyWifeFam says:

I use that to clear up my acne! I don't do it often because I don't want to lose weight. Didn't know about allergies. My my husband has some crazy allergies.

The Geek Room says:

It's really hard to down apple cider vinegar ?

Beauty Gossip says:


Mrs Gregory says:

This video is soooo good! Love it! Left you a like.☺️ xx

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