Optimal Vinegar Dose

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DESCRIPTION: How much vinegar with a meal does it take to improve satiety and reduce the spike in blood sugar, insulin and triglycerides?

If you’re late to this video series, make sure to check out the last three:
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This vinegar effect seems a little too good to be true. There has to be some downsides, right? I cover the caveats next in my last instalment: Vinegar Mechanisms and Side Effects (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/vinegar-mechanisms-and-side-effects)

There are a few other foods found to improve blood sugar levels:
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The best approach is a diet full of healthy foods:
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Eva G says:

My friends from Italy say they don't dip bread in balsamic vinegar and oil, that it's just done in restaurants for tourists from the UK and US.

TKMP1964 says:

You talk about 'vinegar', but many on other video speak of 'apple cider' vinegar.  Does the type of vinegar really matter?  So is balsalmic vinegar with my salad just as good?

Austin212 says:

Would cheap versions of balsamic vinegar do the trick too?

William Cortez says:

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Marcus Stover says:

I know I must make changes in my lifestyle, but it has been like an uphill task until I came across this [Go here===https://plus.google.com/102443457991099589207/posts/7Zo634Dr11x ]. I was not comfortable with my sedentary life, which was as a result of the type of job I do. Sitting long hours in the office and coming back home exhausted to do anything else except to get some sleep and rise again early to catch up with the office hours. It was a vicious cycle. but this information has shown me a way out. I so much appreciate.

Viktor Watz says:

1:08 ass-hungry. hehe

Courtney HAMILTON says:

do you have to drink ACV ? I love white vinegar, even drink it on it's own because I like it but hate ACV

Sammy Vb says:

So? is it safe to consume 2 tablespoons a day?

Blingaking says:

I'm on a live LIVING PLASMA FOOD regiment . I have lost app 65 lbs. No white sugar ,no white flower , no wine or beer , no coffee no dairy products , no wheat ,soy or gluten . Water , water, water . Sunlight, sunlight ,  sunlight . The most important recent health discovery Earthing and grounding every day !!!!  Yes I said EVERY DAY !  Raw green live and LIVING  PLASMA FOOD . We are more like trees, plants and fish than we are human Be-ings !!!! All our body's systems run on electricity . Our skin is our third kidney and the solar panel that collects energy for our human house bodys  Call me collect Boston Ma. 1.617.909.2321   Also warm distilled water with maca , lemon mxed with a little red pepper and olive oil every morning first thing .  This shit works .

pierrot monami says:

0,16% better HbA1c doesnt seem to me "impressive"… 04:06

Julio C says:

which type of vinegar is best?

axxenm says:

Exactly what kind of vinegar was used?

Alan H says:

I tired this and the next morning I had the lowest fasting reading I had had in over 4 months. So I was really excited about it. But then the next day I ate some brown rice/ quinoa pasta and this morning I had the highest reading I have had in over a year. Apparently this helps but no way can I go off my diet of mostly non-starch veggies, some pastured meat and little else plus lots of exercise. This is not going to let me go back to eating sushi and potato salad.

Netinspired says:

besides ACV you get cane vinegar made from sugarcane juice and toddy vinegar made from palm toddy. these are just as palatable as ACV and can be used in salads, curries, marinates, pickles. used judiciously vinegar actually improves the flavor of salads and meats (for the meat eaters). don't worry about your teeth though you could rinse your mouth with plain water after a meal containing vinegar but don't brush

Predrag Nikolić says:

The only thing that happened here is completely arrested digestion of carbs in the presence of acid. That is a physiological fact.

The presence of any acid in our stomach (OTHER THAN OUR OWN HCL) will completely arrest the action of both ptyaline and pepsin. So no digestion of proteins is possible in the presence of acidic food.

Recommending usage of vinegar or similar rotten products to lower glycemic spike is far from scientific and close to witchcraft. Causing indigestion is not a proper way to help people to lower glycemic spikes. The proper way is proper food and proper food combining. And vinegar is a poisonous product of fermentation, like wine, like brandy, and not a proper food.

I am really proud that here in Serbia I was able to hear about the work of Dr. Herbert Shelton and his famous book Food combining made easy, and it is really surprising that such people like Dr. Michael Greger seem to never heard of him, or read the works of this most excellent American.

VeggiePuerto Ricans says:

excuse me I gotta question . ever since me my family got on plant based diet, we been feeling amazing, but our eyes have gone so bright they changed color! is this normal? I mean I feel beautiful ya know, but am wondering if other people got this..

Nathanxiangdarby says:

Other research shows what is likely decreased insulin production too….even better….

Bandi Lynn says:

can you make a video on soy and tofu please

sheepnoisebah says:

consider making a video on pea protein please (fake meats)

cynnthea says:

So :
1. What is best method of consuming 2 T of vinegar twice a day?
2. Does it matter what type of vinegar used?
3. Do you have 2 T vinegar twice a day?

jackthebasenjicooks says:

I like to hear how yellow mustard works.


Does eating kimchi with a meal do the same thing?

tere rere says:

I love having subtitles in thee vids..thanks, it sometimes really helps with not too easy terms in english:)

sdushdiu says:

I'm sorry, but this series is NOT as clear as it should be. While it references various vinegars such as apple and balsamic, and various doses, it NO WHERE indicates what is optimal, nor if it is the acetic acid or the various associated compounds that are the active agents and what other vinegar (rice, etc., depending what is locally available in various parts of the world) might be as effective, nor even equivalent.Thus, do other forms of vinegar (acetic acid) work? Is two tablespoons the optimal dose (as I'm sorry folks, but drinking a bottle a day is simply unreasonable and unrealistic – as is the resultant damage to on es teeth!) And regarding that, its interesting that we got caveats regarding drinking a couple of glasses of acidic hibiscus tea a day, but absolutely Nothing regarding ingesting a few tablespoons, let alone a BOTTLE of vinegar a day…
Lots of interesting and valuable info, but similarly lots of information that yet would be beneficial to be included.

Franziska Summers says:

what about the dose for weightloss? how much does one need?

Bradley James says:

distilled ('white') vinegar is not a true vinegar . apple cider vinegar or wine /balsamic vinegars are best

Vegetable Police says:

At what cost to your teeth though?

Ariel Griffiths says:

I would love to see a video on if there is such a thing as "metabolism damage" and studies to prove it 🙂

Jeff Lebowski says:

Not only is vinegar good for your blood sugar and weight control it can destroy bad bacteria.

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