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So here it is… Healthy does NOT = Skinny! Being Healthy is internal not physical. If you’re interested in Beauty… know that Health brings Beauty. Everything falls in its place when you’re Healthy including Beauty. These are just some of our tips but please remember to always do your own research before doing anything regardless of what were saying here in this video. Do what you believe is right but educate yourself first. =) Apply this video along with my workout video (click here)

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P.S. I don’t know how much I weigh or I’ve lost this year but ill take a wild guess and say I’ve maybe lost 15 pounds this year since the beginning of 2013. I am not focusing on the number of the scale which is why I do not weigh myself. I don’t even own a scale for that reason. My only interest is HEALTH. I’m not trying to loose anymore weight but the weight I am now is my results from this year’s eating habits & lifestyle. Ive been this size for the past 5-6 months. I see a change in my energy, how I feel and the way my clothes fit. I am more aware of my body without the scale because my Target is HEALTH not PHYSICAL BEAUTY.

♥ Manny’s Channel ♥
♥ Manny’s Channel ♥

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:::: Mentioned in Video ::::

Glass Water Bottle – Whole Foods
Klean Kanteen (Steel Bottle) – Whole Foods [ ]
BPA Free Big Blue Bottle – Molecule (east village NYC)

Berkey Water Filter
Breville Juicer
Vitamix Blender

Organic Wheat Grass ( with Metal Wheat Grass Juicer )
Organic Spirulina –
Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Organic SunFlower Seeds
Organic Fruits (Freezer) for Smoothies
Organic Veggie Burgers – Whole Foods
Navitas Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
Organic Stevia
Raw Organic Honey – Farmer
Organic Chia Seeds – (Bulks by the pound) Whole Foods
Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

:::: Organic Food :::: [Definition]
– The food produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. Meaning the food is grown naturally without chemicals used in the process. “CHEMICAL FREE & HARM FREE”

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Steff Christie says:

You always look so unhappy! Hope you are happy in life x

MJ X says:

Bless you and your amazing genes.

dariusdise says:

Is he high?

Koharon says:

Dairy and meat are two of the worst things for human health. Fyi.

NaturallyJassy says:

Yall are so cuuuuuute…I love it :). I’m trying to eat healthier and I
want to find a healthy drink that I can start off with.

Aaron Kasparov says:

Great video.

Here’s a good website that talks about a lot about this:

joli J says:

Geesh alba where did you find that hunk lol. What’s his nationality

Taeva Taylor says:

You both are like models 

The Product Junkie says:

Please do more videos like this!! your advice is so helpful!x

Daffy says:

You have such a perfect husband!!

Lehlohonolo Faith says:

YOU TWO ARE BAE! #LordHaveMercy +SunKissAlba Beautiful couple, cute child
loving, hard work, respect. #Couple goals #MyInspiration. Love you!!!!!!!!

beingearnest123 says:

you guys are so hot, please adopt me and feed me healthy food

Rainy Cloud says:

Very gorgeous couple! Thanks for the help, Manny is super funny!

Paul Carter says:

Great info guys, I did some research and found these whole foods I am
getting 26 organic vine ripened fruits,Vegies & berries everyday all grown
in the USA,certified free of herbicides,pesticides e.coli and hormones. I
now share this info with people around the world wanting to get healthy or
healthier. Here is the link,the complete powder is the fuel for my active
lifestyle take a look for yourself. check out
the tower garden link on the site, it’s a very simple way to grow your own
organic foods to eat every week. Keep up the inspiring videos thanks guys.

JahKnow1Beauty says:

He is so damn fine…I can’t.

A Wynner says:

Aweeee this is str8 cute! I’m Juicing so I’m gonna Listen maybe learn
something new. With water, are you really suppose to drink a percentage of
your weight? Oh geesh, in that case I’ll be full all the time. the coffee
thing, hmm that’s gonna take time.

P.S. A person cant smile like an idiot all the dam time. She looks
perfectly happy in all of her videos! Geesh people. #NoH8 

MySambo89 says:

You two are an absolutely gorgeous couple.

Tigerlily82 says:

Thats all you eat? ….. Ya’ll need to check out freelee the banana girl.
That’s probably why you guys are so low energy you don’t eat enough.

Candice Constantine says:

inot gay but damn she sexy and nice shape hips don’t lie

AmberReigns Supreme says:

I’m super late to this video but I agree 100% with you both. I have tried
to go vegan as well as vegetarian and I found that being vegan is kind of
hard for me to do since I am still trying to get off the cheese train. Lol.
But giving up meat was surprisingly not hard at all. However I do have my
moments where I eat fish. But at the end of the day is about doing what
makes you feel good and healthy not what everyone else thinks is cool or
“right” so I like that fact that you both come from different perspectives
doing this video. I also love ACV And I have coconut sugar as well that I
don’t really use but I am certainly going to start!

Thomas Saunders says:

Awesome tips!

Ess Wy says:

Most attractive couple ever

dominica bennett says:

Yes!!!! Thanks for this!

Meridith Africa says:

I agree with steff but I still like your hair and make up routines:)

Alya Jawaid says:

Excellent video Alba! I am trying to take the proper steps to have a more
clean, healthy diet. I specifically want to start eating only organic
foods. This video allowed me to jot down notes so I can purchase the right
items and finally start living a clean lifestyle! Keep up the excellent
work! Xoxo

Upscaler says:

Acv is very acidic and can erode esophagus and your teeth. Moderation is

UnkemptCaptain says:

hahaha when the little guy covered his ears had me dyiinnnggg!!! lmao!!

Ericka Arthur says:

So Inspiring…thank you both! Loved it!
Thanks for sharing Limarie Lewis aka PoetikMind, I’m grateful…

Abundant blessings,


Poetikmind says:

Thank you for taking the time out to make this video! Super informative :)

281Twiggy says:

This is very informative. Thanks for the info on spirulina!

Meridith Africa says:

I agree with steff but I still like your hair and make up routines:)

ramona montero says:


Hannah Ellis says:

do you have the recipes anywhere? 

nisiabella says:

You guys are such a good looking couple! I love your energy :)

bbyskittles91 says:

I’m skinny and soooo unhealthy. People don’t believe it, but I have so many
problems bc of it. But like I told everyone, 2014 is my year. Just got
myself a job and now to work on myself and my place. Great inspiration

Lisa Abrams says:

Your hubby is sooooooooooooooooo funny…. I like Manny…..

David Medina says:

Great video Ty! Unique water filter, may I know what kinda it is?

Vegan Soldier says:

Have you ever considered going vegan ?

krazycoshi says:

Zayin Gurl u got nice hips

Valarie Watson says:

Love u guys.. ♡♡

nancybet100 says:

I am so glad to have found you, a healthy couple…so I can show it to my
husband to motivate him…

MissStephieTing says:

Just started watching your videos and just wanted to say you guys are such
a GOOD LOOKING couple!!! 🙂 lol I know irrelevant to this video, but
yea….just wanted to say!!! hehehe anyways thank you for the
information!!!! and some inspiration! :)

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