Natural treatments for skin and hair

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I’ve been drinking this tea for almost a week And the v vitamins for 2 days and ive started to see results! Ill do and update video soon!
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar by BRAGG you can purchase this at a grocery store among the organic foods I got mine at Fiesta
Triple Leaf Chinese Detox Tea
Also purchased at fiesta in the organic foods section
MaryKay age-fighting moistureizer you can place an order with your local mk beauty consultant
Sundown Naturals Vitamin C (500mg) also at fiesta lol
Pompeian extra virgin Olive oil from fiesta lol
I forgot where my mom got the organics hair mayonnaise but I will try & find you guys a website.


MaskedRider83 says:

@LAGRiMAS713 bby girl you look cute with or with out any kind of treatment.
You already beautiful to begin with. And hell ya its all about that H-Town.
DH in ths house

LAGRiMAS713 says:

Lol omg -_-

Hector Cruz says:

why the fuck are you so sexy? 😛 i watch this vid over and over just to
watch you LOL

LAGRiMAS713 says:

thankyou!! 😀

Hector Cruz says:

yes!! the science channel!!! ohh no its not its you daisy LOL 😀

dmlisa1987 says:

Your cute ma

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