Natural Hair | Cleansing Routine (Detangle, Cleanse, ACV Rinse)

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NatalieN 爱茶 says:

Hello! I was wondering how often you wash your hair. I am just starting my natural hair journey and I am trying to figure out how often other naturals wash their hair. Great video by the way you are gorgeous!!

John King says:

i thought the idea of this was to clean the build up of shampoo and what not…seemed counter productive when you used shampoo o.0 am i wrong?

Sol Crs says:

But written in the channel. I loved the video, especially in the first part where you do the effect with hair, backwards and front to back. Could you tell me what app or how you did that effect? Thanks. 🙂

PrettyTiaF says:

just letting u know by 8 seconds i already liked the video and subscribed to you channel. Gurl u ate GORGEOUS! I was ab to cut my hair but i might keep it for awhile.

PhillyGirl1 says:

Argh. When am I gonna get long hair like that? Smh.


How long have you been growing you hair (years)?
I have the same texture but half size of that and I've been growing it for 2 years thank you..

djuana bowers says:

I read kinkin it. I loved it very informative thank you

Kvyla Simone says:

I love how simple and basic you keep your routine

kassidy babe says:

How do you keep tangles out of your hair? I deranged in the shower. But my wash n gos always get tangly by the end of the day?

CallMeEnergy says:

where are you from? I'm tryna figure out ur accent!

Arkhemiel Dennis says:

Yo I'm a guy but I'm going to following these steps from now on. You know your stuff ?

Chelsea Cartwright says:

Thank God I found your channel!!!! My daughter has super dry, big hair and I couldn't find anyway to tame it. I tried doing this wash routine as well as your DIY deep hair treatment… Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!

Sephora Society says:

any way; I live ur hair and ur beautiful! nice hair

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