My Skin Care Routine | 2016

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So here is another one of you guys’ requests! ^__^ My skincare routine. I hope you will enjoy the video ♡

This video was created in 2015, but I changed the title since I’m still using this routine nearly half way through 2016.. so far. 🙂

~ Products Used ~

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar Soap:
Apple Cider Vinegar:,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.103073922,d.cWw&tch=1&ech=1&psi=fM38VdnGFcOx-QGfxrj4Ag.1442631036789.12&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX0ohry7veaDNC10vx2F8txHEsYhzaqYEMHXqQD4oWmBo0PePGLiLhowV95ZxKEy1qbqk_30_H3e_rMjpvW9rvWk0KnALj611YYtyQD7adqJrjRwwThIZAFPVH72A1Ksjm8zrcsJ7BlLYsK76TMlHUw&ved=0CAQQpitqFQoTCM6M4sGMgsgCFQV2PgodLz8AYQ&ei=ps78Vc6hEIXs-QGv_oCIBg
100% Pure Healing Moisturizing Balm:
Wedderspoon Orcanic Manuka Raw Honey & Bee Venom:

~ Social Media ~


~ Equipment Used ~

Camera: Canon Rebel t3i
Edited With: Imovie

~ Music ~

First Song: Wings – Riot (from the youtube library)
Last Song: [NCS] Jim Yosef – Lights:


asma umaiza says:

Dear Christina please inform from where in Dubai UAE I can get this balm 100%pure or from which country easily they can ship looking forward for your reply 🙂

Gabriel Payne says:

Dam me so horny

Gìrlÿ gìrl says:

you r soo beautiful??

Congo Bongo says:

You have very beautiful eyes.

AnU gpjs 0412 pinky says:

pls put one video on how to get rid of dark circkes

aimi basyirah says:

What type of skin do youvhave?

Nik Syahidatul says:

so prettyyyy ?

Natasha AAlexander says:

your soo pretty 🙂

Flower Goddess says:

can you please tell me where you buy the bottle/jar you put the vinegar in?

Sick Marshmallow says:

I love you baby girl. you are soo pretty ! ^_^

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