My 60 lbs weightloss : Dr Oz drink, what i eat

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in this video I talk about what I eat and drink to lose the 60lbs.

The Drank recipe
8oz Grapefruit juice
1 tablespoon of honey
2 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

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Joe Dickens says:

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Joe Dickens says:

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GirlSoCrazy says:

I've been using water and honey to mix mine, and the honey masks the taste really well, but I can still taste the vinegar, but not as strong. I don't think i'll be doing three a day either. I've been shooting for two.

neworleans 1990 says:

i swear by grapefruit drink and lean cuzine i lost great weight when i was in school doing this! drink 8 oz after each meal of 100% grapefruit drink i know its gross but watch how much weight you loose hold your nose if you have too i do

Tari Brewer says:

is the baby ok?? wow

Darrell Void says:

Make sure whatever brand you use that your Apple cider vinegar says "with the mother".

ThickMaDamn says:

yes but am back up 15 as of today….starting next week I will be doing the hammer and cheisl workout

McGiggiti says:

Did you really lose 60 lbs?

S Latrell says:

Hey sis! May I suggest that you nix the honey and only drink fresh squeezed grapefruit juice + organic ACV. It will taste like the a sweet apple grapefruit juice….almost no calories or carbs…naturally. How? Ever heard of the miracle berry???

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