My 4c Natural Hair Regimen

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My hair regimen (every two weeks)
1. Spray hair with apple cider vinegar mixed with water. Let it sit for 1 to 5 minute
2. Apply coconut oil in sections. While finger detangling. Twist each section.
3. Cover hair with plastic bag. Sit under a heat source for 30 minutes.
4. After the heat source is applied to hair. Let hair cool down for 5-10 minutes.
5. Then wash hair with sulfate free shampoo in sections. (My shampoo is: shea moisture raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo)
6. Apply deep conditioner of choice. (my DC is: mayo, Greek yogurt, olive oil, egg yolk, avocado, and honey I mix it in the blender) Sit under a heat source for 45 minutes to one hour, let hair cool down for 5-10 minutes. Rinse out the conditioner in cool water.
7. Spray apple cider vinegar mixture in hair, to help close the cuticle. Or a cold aloe vera juice, Do not rinse out.
8. Style as you desire with a leave-in of choice. (My leave-in is: shea moisture coconut & Hibiscus Curl enhancing smoothie in the summer and in the winter is Shea moisture raw shea butter deep treatment masque, mixed with olive oil. Then I seal with my shea butter mixture). I usually do a braid out.

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Jahnalie85 says:

great video. can you mention the name of the products again please

miss lolah says:

my hair takes so long to grow and gets dry very quickly. i also have the issue with my hair being so long at the top and short at the bottom… any tips?

Linda Blume says:

does anyone have any tips for caring for damaged natural hair? My hair is high porosity , and very dry! AND it takes forever to grow….My hair is also super hard to maintain and the ends are so damaged. I have know clue as to what to use my hair and what I should doing nothing helps so far 🙁 My hair is also 4c/4b

Ms. Be-unique says:

I just ordered your homemade Shea Butter mixture. How long will it take to be delivered?

Simone Randall says:

your so BEAUTIFUL! how long have u been natural? x

Pamm Meee says:

Starts at 2:50

JaVonna Williams says:

Hello fellow natural, Jacinta you touched me in your video. You seemed to get emotional when you mentioned if you have tried this regimen you teared up. I can tell your very passionate at what you do and caring. You like helping people. That's how I am too. I really enjoyed your regimen, but my hair hates coconut oil. You have beautiful hair and so are you Jacinta. A very good video. You have a beautiful spirit about you! ?

Lexi Lomax says:

Thick beautiful hair?

bre Band says:

get to the point fast

victor mulan says:

I would suggest you Argan Life Organic Sham poo ! Good delivery, excellent product. After using it for one month, I actually see the new hair growth!

Rene A says:

Can I substitute the coconut oil with castor oil?

Naturalmedeon says:

i look at this video everyday I love your hair.

Rachael25 says:

Thank you for the info? do you ever cowash at all?

Jeepgurl says:

Let's hear it for us 4c beauties! Thanks for sharing. If you don't mind me asking what color is your lipstick and nails, nice color.

saniah shumate says:

i can never get the style i want with this hair sigh

computerfreak247 says:

your hair is soo pretty

Jiana Farrell says:

You are sooooo beautiful & I really hope this works for me. I was wondering how you made your own shea butter mixture?

Patricia Phillips says:

Thank you for that video u r beautiful black woman bless

iEatCupCakes12 says:

This is crazy but your name is very similar to my name. My name is Jaquinta

Praise Onaturals says:

Beauty is YOU 🙂

Kayla McDaniels says:

I just started going natural and I've tried so many different products and watched so many tutorials, and nothing has worked until I tried yours. My hair is so soft and lovely! Thank you so much!! ?❤️


ilike you hair it looks healthy and your edges too.but do take vitamins?

chekwube jacinta says:

lovely how do you make your home made Shea butter

Jacinta Caleb says:

you my name is Jacinta too …yoo!!!

monica riley says:

Should I moisturize my hair after washing & conditioning ?

Jazmina K says:

yes, beautiful gal. Gd video. thx for sharing!

Princess Sunshine says:

I most definitely will implement some of those items you used in my regiment.

nijaelmustafa says:

wow you're so serious about your hair by your routine I can tell I have a long careful routine as well. Thank you for the advice?

Lily C says:


Ginia Maxwell says:

You're beautiful. I definitely will have to try the vinegar, cocoa butter, & Shea butter out.

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