Monthly update The Amazing Hair Growth Result With Onion Juice!!!

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Please set this video before you will watch it on HD quality!
This is my result after one month of using onion juice (onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar mixed together on juice + Nizoral 2% shampoo)

Casto oil:



I’ve also included to my diet pumking seeds and started using derma roller with castro oil.

First time I notice that I’m losing my hair when I was 19. Now I’m 26 year old I have no hair and I’m trying to get them back!!! 🙂

I believe It will be no long way, but you never know what can happen.

This is my rutine since first day till the 5th day:

OGV application on evening with massage my head.
Washing my hair with head and shoulders shampoo with cold water to reduce smell, let work for 5 minutes and rinse the head with water. After that I wait 10 minutes and than applicate Nizoral 2% with massage of head for 5 minutes, after that just rinse my hair with water ( baking soda and lemon for reducing smell ).

Also I do nail rubbing from the first day 10.11.2016 for 20 minutes daily.


basicsurfer08 says:

i have tried all this finally opted for minoxidil foam, can't beat it for effectiveness and ease of use etc

Farooq Surya says:

hi can you tell me noziral is compulsory and how many time we apply this juice mean 10 min or 15 min?

rashid jamil says:

But you are still bald after one month

konchok Heavy Metal says:

easy way use himalaya hair fall cream every day twice …which stop your hair from falling and promote hair growth….

Daniel Ikupu says:

H there, is it possible to put onion juice only on the scalp at night and then wash it in the morning..

jack dorson says:

Hi …..i can see the result
but pls tell us how to use it and how to make it ?

Muhammad Awais says:

Sir plzz let me show all the things that you used it plxx and after what time i will be understood by the usage difference.

ShahRukh Ali says:

is it true …plz tell I can't believe… I'm too frustrated ..

Jitender Chotani says:

what is OGV & Nizoral ?

Derek Cherry says:

Amazing results!! truly inspirational!!. Does it work for penis lengthening aswell?

Arpit Singhi says:

Waiting for your monthly update

J Rudy Morgan Clark says:

please keep posting your updates it looks great.

Charm City says:

wheres the update bro? man its past 1 month now or so

Robert Natour says:

Currently I can not allow other hair lotions, can do just with onion juice?

mikkel hansen says:

Can you please create video on ingredients and how to mix them?
Also, how many times a week you apply OGV?
Thanks and good luck.. 🙂

rai yelon says:

if i used onion juice only will it works or not???

Mihaita Iulian Baronescu says:

hy thomas.
any good news . when you gonna make the next video with results ?

Hafiz Haseeb shahzad says:

I am in which cuntory there are no apple cider how can i do

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