Miracle Acne Cure – Apple Cider Vinegar ❤

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Talking all about the miracle acne cure sitting in your kitchen cupboard. But really! Using APC as a toner has changed my skin and cured my acne issues I got because of pregnancy. Hopefully it can make a huge difference for you too! ❤

PS I think I am a little out of focus in this video, rookie mistake! haha SORRY There was also some random change in lighting at the end. Oh well, I didn’t feel like re-filming so hopefully it doesn’t bother you too much haha


Julianna Raay says:

Where are your necklaces from?

Ilaria Cicconetti says:

After applying ACV with a cotton pad do I have to wash my face and then apply a moisturiser?

Nafa Kumala says:

i've been using this but it just worsen my pimples and the small bumps. should i continue ? its been 5 weeks since i am using ACV

Anj Noel says:

just went & got this?

Rhyzza Sanchez says:

pregnant can be use ?

Carrigan says:

Pretty sure "mother" isn't an ingredient…

Sanaul Mahadi says:

Wow,what a video! excellent

Brianna Arf says:

I don't know why but you kinda look like Britney Spears

Hillary Rosales says:

Omg you're so beautiful. Can't stop watching the video. Haha

Rachelle Malijan says:

Hi! Great video. Do you have to wash your face after applying ACV or it is okay to apply the moisturizer right after toning with ACV?

wana forever says:

you have a wonderful personality…loved your video!!!! I have never had a problem with my skin, I am 29 years old and im now having acne problems….after seeing your video I went and purchased this vinegar and I'm going to try this!! thanks for sharing!

Sarah Rebecca says:

I've been using ACV for the last week and my skin is hideous! I'm embarrassed to go out in public. not sure if it's just making my skin worse! maybe I should stop using it? how long did it take you to see an improvement? I'm literally mordified when I look in the mirror now 🙁

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