Manuka Honey + Apple Cider Vinegar | Lose Weight, Brighten Skin, Decrease Bloating

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Thank you so much for watching! Have you tried Manuka Honey before? What are your thoughts?

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This is not a sponsored video. Wedderspoon kindly sent me their products for video consideration in the event that I liked their products. In this case, I loved it! And wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!


Lynne Hummel says:

where do you get that kind of Manuka honey.

Chet Smith says:

Very good information. Please label and date your kitchen containers to avoid mistakes.

bizmark D says:

I heard that brand doesn't have the real active medicinal ingredients and to only buy ones with a UMF rating

that's all folks says:

Hot water will kill the Manuka enzymes.

Miranda Kay says:

I been drinking acv and it's been a lot easier by watching your channel thank you for sharing all different kinds of ways to drink acv..

Susan Marchand says:

Manuka honey just doesn't seem to work for me, i am selling mine 🙁

wellthatspretty says:

What's wrong with Costco cinnamon?

Shab Chique says:

How do you get around the acv harming your enamel?

G Manis says:

Whats the cost of Manuka, i buy Local raw honey fro a farmer i know I bet this this VERY costly honey

Tiny Nguyen says:

Whiterspoon is the worst(!!!!) manuka honey brand. There are loads of articles about this brand and their fake claims. Try Comvita Manuka honey UMF 20+. You'll see a BIG difference! X

Gitana Montserrat says:

so do you eat regular meals?

summersky says:

Kim you rock! You are so relatable, please do take this as a compliment. God bless you with health and peace.

Pam M. says:

Im happy I just found your channel. Why shouldn't we use Costco cinnamon? Use Saigon ??? where do i

geneva1011 says:

Loved your video, however I have some tips:
1) I added the cinnamon to the honey BEFORE adding the water, then the cinnamon did not float to the top of the drink.
2) Manuka Honey has antibacterial properties which will be DESTROYED if the honey is added to very hot OR boiling water, so try not to make the water too hot- just make it warm. If looking for a weight loss beverage that will have the same benefits, make it a cold drink.

Alfredo Orozco says:

whats the difference in umf and brand? which one is the better brands?

Dacha Sumadinac says:

Using metal spoon it's a big mistake !!

Veronica Vivas says:

Love your recipes! recently started drinking Apple cider vinegar and your ideas make me want to have it everyday! Definitely NEW SUBSCRIBER 🙂

Tom ngyuen says:

thanks for sharing , I have used it for more than 20 some years to treat my ulcer

JoyForTravel says:

can use regular honey?

adabel yuka says:

Missy you look familiar

Loly Aburto says:

I just found your channel and loved this video. Thank you for sharing. New subscriber!

2953 1640 says:

great video

Maurice Harris says:

Do you drink it on an empty stomach?

Abraham Fisher says:

love the video tku

TheFierceGymnasts says:

Great video! Can you please tell me where you purchased your tea kettle? It's super cute! Thank you!

Gabi Owl Studio says:

Thanks for the video. Where did you get your tea kettle?

Samson Taylor says:

love your review.Your very pretty by the way. Try Manuka Valley UMF® 20+NZ Manuka Honey and Comvita UMF 20+ MANUKA HONEY and Manuka Health MG 550+ Manuka Honey

angela ducci says:

luv this video thanks for sharing great healthy tips!

adriennemeagan says:

I loooove apple cider vinegar! Found your channel by looking up recipes. Thanks for sharing! I started watching a bunch of your videos (:

Marcus B. says:

I can confirm just how amazing Pure Authentic Manuka Honey is. It is so delicious!!! But expensive. But worth it. Powerful antioxidants.
Nice video by the way. 😉

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