Making Homemade Apple Cider with Antique Apple Cider Press | Perfect for Vinegar

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We pick apples off of two different apple tress on the farm, and process them in the antique cider press to make homemade apple cider out of the apples separately. We then do a taste test of the two apple ciders to decide which tree makes better cider. Later, we will make homemade organic apple cider vinegar out of the leftover apple cider.

Many people ask what the difference between apple juice and apple cider is. They are basically the same thing, except that apple juice is filtered, giving it a clear golden color. Apple cider is not filtered and has small apple particles in it. This gives it a brown cloudy color.

Filmed on a Canon EOS 70D:


Elio Di Paolantonio says:

that looks darn good… now I'm thirsty !

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