Lose Weight in One Week Apple Cider Vinegar Q & A {DETOX TUTORIAL}

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I am a “Health Nut” with Double Science Degrees and a passion for beauty meets health… so I might as well start using them on my channel. Coming from my medical background, I wanted to share how I LOST 5 Pounds In JUST one Week!. There are many benefits for this excellent healer for many things, so I wanted to try it out! Well… I did, and lost weight!!

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Neshon Davis says:

This is wonderful video— New Subscriber!

Unique _Slays says:

Hi I Got A Question If I Start Drinking It , I Mainly Wanna Lose Stomach Fat How Long Would U Think It Would Take ? (my stomach don't hang that much)

Tina D. says:

Thanks Elle for the video, I've actually been doing this detox with Braggs ACV, since Oct. 2016. I've loss weight , gain energy, and detox my body. Because of the many side effects I had to decrease my intake, and my body knows when I havn't taken the ACV. So I suggest to anyone whose having doubt to just try it and your body will thank you.

Karen Gant says:

Thanks Elle!

Valerie Andujar says:

I love this. I started last week n I lost 2 lbs in a week. Also with clean eating and exercising at least 4 times a week. I saw a difference in my appetite. I was fuller faster. Also I felt like it made my belly bloating due to IBS, a lot better. ????Great video!

Jonjalyn Townsend says:

would this interfere with my synthroid medicine? congratulations on the weight loss

Elle Kos says:

? Check Out my previous video where I share the ENTIRE DETOX Tutorial: https://youtu.be/5VT-DIw-VMQ …and IT WORKS! YOU will Thank Me Later!

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