Loc Maintenence | Clarifying ACV Rinse w/ Baking Soda #JazzyJune Day 5 | JASMINE ROSE

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♥ Here’s how I remove buildup from my locs
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Products Mentioned:

-Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

-Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
How do you remove Buildup?! Leave me your thoughts!


kuntrigul says:

I had to run back to this video to tell you…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK
YOU!!! I did this on my locs for the first time ever yesterday. My babies
(my locs) are 2 years old!! That water was murky and nasty looking at first
and after about 6, yes 6 rinses later…it was clear. I followed up with a
good washing in the shower. AND THEN…I went ahead and did the hot oil
conditioning that you did too. I even went to Sally’s and got that foil
looking bag you got. I left it on for a few hours though. I was driving,
taking down my daughter’s braids, combed her hair, I was doing some of
I am so thankful for your channel!!! Much love!!

chocolickdoll says:

question after the AVC cleans can I do a banana honey deep conditioner and
wash my hair as normal? I’m 8months lock. Thanks

Adessii Austin says:

I had my locs for 12 years now and I get so frustrated with the lint and
build up in my hair. I will try this for sure.

DariusLamar23 says:

So basically you don’t completely clean your hair.

Scharmell Reese says:

Can you do this for color treated hair as well?? And do you NEED to wash
the hair after the ACV treatment??

Ms777lalaland says:

How often should this be done? I suppose it can be done on dreadlocks
extensions correct?

empress brownin says:

hey love the locs. question how often do you do this? sorry if it was
already asked or you stated the answer already…

xavier miller says:


K Mcintosh says:

hey jasmine I just have a few concerns but first let me say that I really
really love your locs and you are an inspiration to me. I started my locs
august 2013 so august this year will make it a year. I’m not sure of the
length cause I haven’t measured it as yet however your videos have help me
much to care for it. Especially showing me the inportance of tying my hair
at nights lol. I tried the a baking soda cleanse about 2 weeks ago and it
yielded much results. I plan on trying the acv w/ baking soda this weekend.
my concern is that a few videos I’ve watched included lime juice and salt
in their list of ingredients for the cleanse. I want to know what are your
thoughts on that.

Merlyne J says:

Tried this method and loved it! Thanks for the tutorial.

Rochelle Walker says:

Do you suggest this on 8 month old loss ? I did the backcombed method

A. Sdoowkcab says:

Your hair looks very clean

Bongiwe Stofile says:

Thanx gal , I will definatly try this cause I have so much build up and I
didnt know what to use.

natalie lewis says:

Does this wash get rid of the lint? Mine is inside my locs. What is Jboc?

Anani BY says:

I can’t wait until my locs are long like this! I mean I still have to get
my starter locs since the first 2 sets didn’t come out good but I’ll get
there…eventually lol

baby katt says:

hi jasmine, how regular should you use this treatment? I want to try it
this weekend. I have a terrible dandruff problem so I was wondering if its
wise to do this every 2 to 3 weeks.

Haisan Williams says:

I’m 14 years into my loc journey. Was locked up for all of it and just got
out and was told that dying my hair would cover up the lint. I want the
lint gone, not covered up. I will try every step in your video, try to
take pics (still in the 90’s with my tech knowledge) and let you know how
it works. Mines are to my butt and I’d hate to cut them, but I have to get
rid of the lint. Peace.

Bless Jah says:

Empress Give Thanks for the info was really really uneasy with my itchy
scalp been locked for 15 yrs and was thinking about cutting but will try
this first saw many ACV rinse treatment so will give it a try thanks again
for the knowledge Jah Live ,……..Jah Bless

kassandra White-ellison says:

i love it

Wifiyah Hakim says:

I must do this right away … thanks so much … I shall share with the
vast them now on facebook … thanks again!

Batise Braxton says:

Great tip

MusicGenie5 says:

Hi, I love your videos and I just added you to my instagram!! 🙂 So my
question is, do you use the ACV mixture each time you rinse, or only use it
the first time, then rinse with clean water? I just want to make sure.

Red miller says:

Hey thanks for the video I followed it to the t. And my hair had so much
build up I cant wait for the next deep cleaning. Thanks an check out my
journey wit locz. Thanks again

Bernisha Tavernier says:

Hey J.Rose, your tutorial vids they are very beneficial!! How long should I
wait before I renew the AVC rinse? Also could I do the black tea rinse
after the AVC rinse or will that be too much at one time?

Matthew Duncan says:

shes a godess

Annette Lancaster says:

On the 2nd rinse is it just water or another acv?

Cory P says:

i made a acv rinse but didn’t use the whole thing now it got stuff floating
in the vinegar from being mixed and left in the bottle with the water,
should i pour it out or that doesn’t matter?

antlive tweez says:


melly2418 says:

I’ve had my locs for 7 years and I haven’t tried this — I think I’m going
to try this this week. Thanks for the video

Jasmine Rose says:

JBCO and/or Aloe Vera Gel

melb71 says:

4yr journey with locs

Rhae Seals says:

This video, along with some comments, is very helpful. My locs are almost
to your length and I have found that after I shampoo sometimes (minutes
of…) there is still that build up (yucky on the locs like jaekay43
stated) yet now that I see I need to get these arms into working (rinsing)
out more than twice…I may better a happier locstah. Thank you,
subscribing for sure.

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