Killing Candida Naturally with Coconut Oil & Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

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Yeslets says:

Is it ok to use stevia?

hovnanian says:

I got nasty skin of coconut oil, how come ?

Gra Piken says:

One of the biggest myths about coconut oil is that for it to be healthy it
has to be organic, cold pressed etc. This is simply not the case.
Both refined and unrefined versions have lauric acid and other candidiasis
fighting components. There are a few benefits to the unrefined version, but
for some people with sensitivity to coconut and sensitive stomachs, refined
coconut oil is better.

Another myth about coconut oil is that it shouldn’t be heated in the
microwave. This nonsense is spouted by people who have not done their
research. Microwaves are actually longer than the waves of energy given of
by conventional convection oven heat. It makes no difference, especially
considering the high smoke point of coconut oil. Using refined coconut oil
and warming it in the microwave is fine. 


If you eat fat you lose fat? If I eat fat I get fatter. Or is that just me

Sara J. Muller says:

The good news! It’s possible to stop your Candida overgrowth & enjoy
permanent freedom from Yeast Infections in just 12 hours – Guaranteed!

Tom Wong says:

Hi Rachel – is it OK to eat 2 spoonfuls of virgin coconut oil daily? I
simply scoop it out of the jar raw. Also been applying it topically on my

Keith Carter says:

Sweety does it really work are there lab tests that has proven it

Asiatic Naga says:

BRAGGS IS A FUNGUS YEAST BASE>>>>this is a straight out lie!!!!! any dark
skin people should not take this garbage……and coconut oil should not be
ingested only good for topical application……stop the BEAST 13…

Holly Jaye says:

Gracious..I don’t know WHERE you got your education, but you are so wrong
on MANY issues! Wild Rose College is NOT a medical facility. I am all for
integrative medicine, but YOU are waaaay off the grid!

Bob Holly says:

I love you it help me 

Stacy Taylor says:

Have You seen the Video By Dr. Linda Allen ?
There is a New Way to Cure Yeast Infection And in Less than 12 Hours !
Simply go to google and search for:
** and click the first result to watch the video

arbessah1 says:

How do you kill parasites naturally?

Michael Angel says:

thank you for your video ….
God Bless…

Tina E. Bartee says:

Best video

cedartouch says:

Good presentations and nice hair.

Ash Brown says:


Ace Wall says:

I have really bad acne at 40. Also really tired during the day. 

Emilian Stanev says:

just curious, what is your opinion on baking soda (alkaline) ive read mixed
reviews, some say it eliminates fungus/yeast, while some say acidic
environment prohibits the grown of yeasts…thanks in advance

CoKo Boujhe says:

Killing Candida Naturally with Coconut Oil & Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

lilly-may smyth says:

What are your views on bentonite for removing toxins and heavy metals ?

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