Is Apple Cider Vinegar A Miracle Cure?

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People claim taking apple cider vinegar has all kinds of health benefits, but what does taking it actually do to your body?

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Vinegar: Medicinal Uses and Antiglycemic Effect
“Based on the writings of US medical practitioners dating to the late 18th century, many ailments, from dropsy to poison ivy, croup, and stomachache, were treated with vinegar, and, before the production and marketing of hypoglycemic agents, vinegar ‘teas’ were commonly consumed by diabetics to help manage their chronic aliment.”

How to make vinegar
“If you have read about the creation of wine and beer, you know that yeast will turn sugar into alcohol. To make vinegar, you use a species of bacteria that eats alcohol and turns it into acetic acid.”

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Omar Moreno says:

Heat hives: stay away from alcohol, perfume/cologne, and wheat flour!

Drink apple cider vinegar with 8oz of water 2tlb spoon only . Do not exceed due to the acidity. Now drink 2 weeks, 3x a day with empty stomach. Rise morning, mid morning, afternoon! Heat HIVES FREE

Get over that Wall says:

While I'm definitely not a fan of the big pharmaceutical companies (I see what kind of damage these people do every day), I have to say that most of the people in the comments here are idiots.

Colakat22 says:

I saw you drink undiluted acv, you're supposed to dilute it with water, tastes like white wine. As for the health benefits, I will update the results after one month of constant use.

MacKarana says:

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Akedah the Motivator says:

We know who you work for.

Ivy says:

Very untrue. I have been using BRAGGS raw Apple cider for years.
1. Cures sore throats and colds
2. Heals hives
3. Balances PH levels in the body
4. Don't trust the FDA

william Freedman says:

if you want real info on apple cider vin. look up this video title on the bennifits. cpoy and past in search bar ( The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight – MUST WATCH! )

Eldelezgon says:

Comments section gave me cancer.

Straingelove says:

Whatever. Acv is awesome.


what then? go to the doctor and get prescription drugs ? Hell no!

sifis flisk says:

He is a looser… no idea about acv with mother the unpasteurized Natural organic … what a looser

Screw Youtube says:

What a bunch of bull shit. DO not believe anything in this video! It's an amazing for the human body. This guy is a paid shill by the FDA. Or a compeletly deluded paid journalist that would be better off dead.

R3drift says:

I have bad recurring gout and this is the cure, medicines rx by docs are useless, this is the real deal.

R3drift says:

I dont care what Corporations say, this stuff is magic. Lets just say it cured allot of things. ALLOT (it has to be apple cider vinegar raw w/mother)

Arshad Khan says:

was this video was sponsored by pharmaceuticals company ???

le sigh says:

Apple cider vinegar is amazing!! You don't know what you're talking about.

I Perez says:

I dont believe this at all.. AVC helped me tons.. I don't even know where to begin….

whitebird77 says:

if acv is bad, then nothing is good anymore.

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