I’m Down With The Mother!

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Organic raw apple cider vinegar with the mother has many health benefits.


wmpyr says:

thank you for sharing your wisdom, I use to drink it, I think it’s a good
time to get back into it. 

KeepingPiece2010 says:

I tried this a few years ago for my arthritis, fibro, and leaky gut. I
could find any way to cover up the taste. It made me gag. 🙁 My mom loves
the taste of it. I couldn’t handle it at all. I wish I could because the
benefit list was amazing. 🙂

prikasky says:

very interesting

Trace O'Liberty says:

Thanks, Pop. It does taste much richer and more tasty than the refined kind.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Salty,, I think you will like the flavor of this stuff much better. Thank
you for watching.

GUNZandCARZ says:

Interesting info. I didn’t know about the “mother.”

M0D0C42 says:

Interesting information. I knew a guy who swore by vinegar, he would drink
a shot of vinegar every day. He lived to be 102, so he might have been on
to something. Glad you’re feeling better. Hope everything continues to

Trace O'Liberty says:

I like it in salads and on tomatoes too, BC. I think it is probably less
damaging when oil is added to it. I guess if you drink it 3 times a day, it
wears on the enamel.

The Self Sufficient Life says:

We went to the attorneys office to sign the contracts and found there was a
30 year old lien on the property. It was paid off years ago but the law
here doesn’t require the owner to get it off the deed until sold. The bank
has changed hands twice since then and it seems they are having difficulty
finding it. The owner acted very odd at the attorneys office. He had been
asking for cash and started acting odd when we told him “no clear deed, no
money”. Soooo, good question.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Thanks, Chickie. I did that video with no sparkle make-up. Thanks for the

petsarenotmypeeve says:

Thank you for your reply 🙂 i guess to be safe i will just get a new bottle
then 🙂 I was making it to strong so it was giving me heart burn plus set
off the acid reflux but i started making it with 1 TBS rather than 2 just
doing it a few times a day but i got off track with it and there it sat
so… new bottle 🙂 i was mixing it with 100 % pure maple syrup also. Again
thanks for your reply back

TheJuggler11 says:


Trace O'Liberty says:

10yearvet, I saw a video advertised that I will try to watch later about
making it yourself from apple cores. Looked interesting. How is it going
with the acquisition of that property? I’m glad you decided to go for it.

DWilhoite Ky Guns & Fun! says:

Great video Trace, thanks for sharing! Peace, David

TheJuggler11 says:

Interesting 🙂

hempseedaddict says:

That is some serious counter space!

The Self Sufficient Life says:

Very interesting! I’ve been thinking about learning to make apple cider
vinegar as we have several apple trees and looking at another piece of
property for homesteading that has several. Didn’t know about the mother.

Trace O'Liberty says:

M0D0C, I have been using it for three weeks now and I really think it makes
a difference. My husband has started drinking it too. Thank you for

Trace O'Liberty says:

Thank you Albatross. If you are down with it, it’s all good.

Trace O'Liberty says:

NWOI, thank you for watching. I am really surprised at how many people seem
to use this stuff.

prepperchickie says:

lol omg stop it, you are beautiful

Trace O'Liberty says:

We do have a lot of counter space, hempseedaddict. When we built our house
I had four kids at home and the kitchen area is the most used part of our
house, so I made sure we were putting in plenty of counter space. Thank you
for watching.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Thank you for watching Robert. I was surprised at how easy it is to get
into the habit of adding the vinegar to my diet. Some people add stevia or
honey to it. Maybe you would like it better that way.

mojopin12 says:

Good stuff I use it myself.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Thank you, Juggler.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Mouse, I actually feel really good right now. I cut out the aspartame and
have cut out a lot of processed foods and I feel healthier than I have in
quite a while. If you can find it, I know you will enjoy the raw apple
cider vinegar. Thank you for watching.

TheCouponPrepper says:

I add it to my tea every morning. It has helped me a TON!

Punxsyjumper says:

The food grade H2O2 adds oxygen to your blood and diseases including cancer
cannot grow in a high oxygen environment. It comes in 35% so you have to
cut it. I use an eye dropper in a glass of distilled water. You start out
slow and work your way up to detox and then you can go back down to a
maintenance schedule. Right now I take about 10 drops a week. I’ll pm you
the link.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Thanks, Prikasky.

Trace O'Liberty says:

I have not heard anything about it spoiling. Of course, it goes pretty fast
in our house so it wouldn’t really get a chance to spoil. None of my
searches mentioned spoiling at all. I’m sorry.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Hope it works out for you. I am still loving it!

tcarp1616 says:

Have you ever tried pro biotics? It’s the good bacteria that your system

BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose says:

very interesting! i have a lot of vinegar on my salads and maters. i didnt
know about the teeth enamel though.

Lumberman2011 says:

Very Cool Trace!! Where do you find that?? Glad you are feeling better!
Nice vid!

Albatross497 says:

That’s some cool info! Im down with it!

Trace O'Liberty says:

Coupon Prepper,I haven’t tried it in tea. I like it just straight with the
water, but I was one of those weird kids that would drink pickle juice
behind my parents’ backs.

tcarp1616 says:

Hey that is really good stuff 🙂

petsarenotmypeeve says:

I found some last year at the heath food store GNC here but it got super
cloudy after opening when the temps were up in the area. My question is if
you found this in your searches is how long after opening is it good for
and what about temps store at??

Trace O'Liberty says:

Thank you Youth2Wild. You are awesome too. I guarantee you will like it
much better than unhatched duckling or bamboo bat.

Allen2045 says:

Hi Trace that is good information. I use half ACV and half Water in a spray
bottle for sunburns. Where can one find the raw apple cider

NWOIS666 says:

My husband and I use a teaspoon everyday ! Good stuff !

The Lone Patriot 111 says:

Awesome Trace

Trace O'Liberty says:

I am surprised by how many people have been using it for a while, mojopin.
I had no idea it was such a common practice.

taneilman says:

I have tried it my self and it dose help me. I do not take it every day
though. When I have a problem I do use it. Thank you Oh yeah, the Small
Channel Mafia Report Princess Style II , sent me here.

Trace O'Liberty says:

I didn’t either. It’s good to know I’m not the only one, Magnum. Thank you
for watching.

treesablowin says:

Very interesting will have to do some research. Thanks for sharing.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Punxsy, how did you know about all of that stuff? I just stumbled onto the
vinegar thing. But, I have never tried a lot of what you just mentioned. I
will definitely check them out when I can. And I had no idea there was even
such a thing as food grade hydrogen peroxide. Thank you for sharing.
Regarding Punxsyfest, thanks for the invite. I would love to come, but my
husband is still on the mend and really struggles when he has to go
anywhere. I know it would be a great time.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Thank you, tcarp.

Trace O'Liberty says:

Lumberman, I found it at healthfood stores first, but then I found out that
our local Food Lion carries it in their organic foods section for less than
$4 a bottle. Thank you for watching.

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