I lost 14 lbs with Black Seed Oil And Apple Cider Vinegar -Here’s How

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I lost 14 lbs with Black Seed Oil And Apple Cider Vinegar -Here’s How


DeAndre Rey says:

Real hope he's mixing it with watet

Jaime Rodriguez says:

Thank you!!!!

Jaime Rodriguez says:

How many ounces of the vinegar and how many ounces of water can you please tell me?? THANK YOU so much for the information!!!!

Crayola Tina Beana says:

He a pastor?? He look good..lol what church he in Lml jk get post

PJ Thompson says:

Honey also gets rid of the reaction of pollens as far as hay fever IF it's LOCAL & RAW honey. Also, ACV raises pH of the body which aids in killing envelope viruses, especially when used in conjunction with things like Essiac or soursop leaves decoction. Resistant starches are also excellent for weight loss. Just do a search on YouTube for "resistant starches" and watch them.

Brenda Alexander says:

LAWD! I called myself giving the body a BREAK FROM SUPPLEMENTS, blood pressure shot up as high as 199/110 For 3 weeks, so this morning I started back on black seed oil 11.21.17 @ 0735, so 4hrs from now I will retake pressure.

Ruby Kishell says:

mix it up huh lol

Ruby Kishell says:

thats really good

shibaak says:

I watched this video twice and I still don't know how much of ACV you get per day? I realized you take 2 tbsp of black seed oil, but how much of ACV?

tdhatcher25 says:

In what time frame did u loose the 14 pounds

Watching utube says:

Thankyou so much my friend!! I subbed ❤ ❤ ❤Keep it up!
Very informative.Stay blessed

TheMidrange3 says:

Have you or can you mix the black seed oil with the ACV for the weight loss?

denise mcc says:

You're losing muscle, too. Muscle is dense.

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