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How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss
I’ve had a lot of question on how I mix my acv and also my lime water. Here is a step by step video to show you the process.
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shanekia wiley says:

Have you loss any weight by doing this

Big Trizz says:

I'm interested, but can you please hurry I have to go to work.

craig reid says:

apple cider vinegar for weight loss 100% Organic supplement click here-

Fancy Puffs says:

love from Kenya

Mr. 2cents. says:

Microwave is unhealthy. Better warm water in a water cooker.

Pete Chebetnoy says:

hey that mixture gave me the slitz!

Serigne Lo says:

Slow motion

wonpots says:

Bad presentation way to slow

Domonique C says:

Does this have a taste?


that s it, u destroyed all the benefits. u dont know what u r doing. why dont u use your kettle to heat up the water? microwave is very bad for health. u r not supposed to mix any sweet things with vinegar.

Josephine blessed says:

Where do you buy the apple cider

Daneara Johnson says:

I'll just buy100% non concentrated lime juice and 100% lemon juice and save my self time, , ,

Elisabeth Bellyanna says:

Is this the piss shit some bodybuilder talk about??

Oh dear! You recorded your video over a house fire allarm where the battery is DEAD! Its beeping… never forget to change the battery of your fire alarm. Sometime if its constantly beeping even with a new battery, that mean your fire alarm is good to garbage… i sugest you to change it.

I can't believe how many people do recoding video over a deffective fire alarm or with a dead battery in the fire alarm… their constant BEEPING annoy me.

Elisabeth Bellyanna says:

You can microave first the water before add the lime actually!

RealNinja Alexis says:

Do not cut that lime like that!!

Helen Talia says:

Applaud this beauty for her motivation.

Ginger Brown says:

instead of lime can we use lemon

Michael Reyes says:

Lose a ton of weight fast with this great guide here:

Jameysgirl14 * says:

Deb, If u put ur lime in the microwave for 30 seconds & then roll the lime on the counter with the palm of your hand, rolling for just a few seconds, it helps it like release the juices so much easier. The microwave will not kill the vitamins in the lime only microwaving for 30 seconds. Love the video because I do not like lemons & the lime will be a great alternative.

agnostic chick says:

You should boil the water instead of using the microwave to limit micro…radiation.

Fashionable Chambers says:

why didn't you just put the water in the microwave than poor the lime juice in it? that way you don't lose the nutrient in the lime

Friends & Family Photography says:

can u use lime juice

Ijeoma Mgbemena says:

What is d name of d powdered substance in d bottle?

Lisa Jones says:

I have been losing weight fast since I started taking this supplement I have lost 23 pounds in 5 weeks.

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