How to STOP Cravings | 8 Natural Appetite Suppressants That Work

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Trying to find the solution to stop cravings? Look no further. This video is the ultimate guide to stopping sugar, food, and sweet cravings for good with 8 natural appetite suppressants that work.

Food and sugar cravings are a dieter’s worst enemy.

Everyone has experienced that moment when walk to the fridge, look inside, realize nothing is on your “diet,” and walk away disappointed.

Sometimes it can even be difficult to tell if you’re body is actually hungry or just bored.

And while there is plenty of bad advice, pills, and hocus pocus theories out there, today, The Health Nerd is going teach you how to stop cravings with 8 simple appetite suppressants that actually work.

#1. Drink water first

Thirst and hunger cravings are often confused. This is because our sedentary lifestyle does not fit what our bodies were designed to do, so the brain “prompts” us to get up and go do something.

To conquer this, drink a large glass of water when “hungry” and then wait a few minutes. You will often find that the craving goes away and your body was simply “bored” and searching for a dopamine hit.

#2. Sip on some Peppermint Tea

A study done by Wheeling University showed that inhaling the scent of peppermint every two hours caused people to eat 1800 less calories than normal. It also showed reduced cravings for sugars and fatty foods.

#3. Try Mediation

Strange but true, meditating has been shown to reduce binge eating by up to 70% in severe food addicts. It has also been shown to increase focus, improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and make you more empathetic of others. You only need 5 – 10 minutes for these effects, And it can be done anywhere…

#4. Eat lots of protein and fibrous carbs at the same time

Protein has been shown to greatly reduce cravings and help people naturally decrease their calories by up to 441 per day. Fiber has been shown to reduce appetite by up to 39% as well. Combine them in meals like a steak and spinach salad or an apple with a high quality whey protein shake.

#5. Drink decaf coffee

It looks like decaf coffee has finally found its place in the world. Not only does it have antioxidants and nutrients, it is also a strong appetite suppressant. In fact, it was proven to beat out regular coffee and caffeine pills for helping people stop cravings.

#6. Drink apple cider vinegar throughout your day

Vinegar increases the fullness you feel from your meals and causes people to eat 200-275 fewer calories throughout their day. Apple cider vinegar can also help you fight sugar cravings by stopping those mid-day crashes with its blood sugar leveling effects. Drink 2 tablespoons in 8 oz of water 30 minutes before your meals for best results.

#7. Spice things up.

Adding in cayenne pepper to your meals has been shown to increase metabolism and curb appetite. It has also been proven to increase fat burning in men and women. So adding in a little Sriracha or Louisiana hot sauce to your food will help stop your cravings.

#8. Eat satiating foods

The biggest problem people have is eating foods that don’t truly satisfy them. Foods like butter, white bread, ice cream, and pizza fill you up with calories but are proven to still leave the body unsatisfied.

On the flip side, foods like watermelon, grapefruit, steak, broiled fish, oatmeal, apples, and potatoes have been proven to leave the body feeling full.

Eat more of those foods to stop your cravings.


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Mark Blakeley says:

Black coffee and sparkling water are good for blunting hunger.

satuesday says:

That peppermint tea bit is very random..

State College Slammers says:

Do you really have to sit cross legged with your fingers in the air to "meditate"?

Ashley Harkless says:

I wish I could drink apple cider vinegar but it literally makes me gag. Even when I dilute it with water😭 Does anyone else have this problem?

Social Sophie says:

I just saved a baby deer 🦌🙂☺️


Let's see if it works!
Day 1: 131lbs, 5'4

Kode red R says:

I'm just awake at night craving food and I keep getting up I'm sad

Anni Emma says:

Wow, I didn't know this was a general thing. I drink decaf coffee (with a shot of almond milk and vanilla flavouring) when I start to crave sweets at night and it helps a lot.
Now I can even say that it's backed up by science 😀

Didi Osuji says:

i'm literally eating pop tarts while watching this

Maria Romero says:

Step a banana

Fire light says:

thanks this is a lot of help lol

oscarcantbreathproperly ! says:

Is it true that smelling vanilla reduces appetite/or cravings? ( heard it from a friend idfk )

Donna Ruzicka says:

What do you think about Cheese?

Blake Bauman says:

I came here because there is on food to eat and I don't want to be hungry anymore.

Monu Kumar says:

love you boy muhaaa

angelica jimenez says:


hazell Rose says:

I really like your voice

Deviance190 says:

This made me hungry when i was just depressed. Now i'm both :S

A very personal android says:

J u s t a p e p p e r m i n t t e a f o r m e .

Kadie Galewaler says:

How do you lose whight when your going through hormonal imbalances?

tString42 says:

The real question though is … how do you stomach apple cider vinegar? I tried diluting even 1 Tbsp to 8 oz water and gagged like crazy :/

Paweł Kapusta says:

thats so easy and i gained around 15 kilos cuz i was ignoring this knowledge… most of it i already knew lol, time to get into shape again

Laifgozon says:

Just the thought of apple cider vinegar makes me want to gag. Any palatable ways to consume it so I won't taste and still get the benefits?

La _gabiii101 says:

Great video but I've got a question (actually 2 but whatever) should I drink normal coffee or decaffeinated coffee? And can I still eat/use coconut oil while drinking coffee and lemon water?

Emily Volker says:

I have heard that peanut butter is healthy and I've heard that is is terrible for you.. Video idea?

Lyndsay Mcanulty says:

step one: we admitted we were powerless over sugar and our lives had become unmanageable

Aditya Sharma says:

more hungry after watching the video

Gramos says:


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