How to shrink heal fibroids without having a surgery

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This video is for women who have fibroids and are looking for ways to heal it naturally. Taking apple cider vinegar has helped me a great deal. And the fibroid is gone. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. What has worked for me might not work for you. Thanks for watching pls share and Click the like button.

1tsp acv, 4tsp real lemon juice, 1tbsp of honey to taste. The honey is optional

Edit on December 25th 2016
I would be uploading a new video soon. I have great news for you guys about my progress and another surprise! Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you.


Monica Duprey says:

Thanks I will

Monica Duprey says:

Hi I just made a baby she's 5 months and just like u I found out I had 2 fibroids one is really big I tried your recipe and now is the third day I immediately my cramps r gone and I feel like its shrinking Amazing is how I feel I can't fathom what's happening my bleeding has reduced to drips and I got up with a clean pad thanks sooooo much for sharing I hope others try

sharyn ransom says:

Thanks for sharing me that wonderful program… It has been 3 months since I implemented the program and I am now completely clear of fibroids*!
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Nzei Fergie says:

what if u add garlic and ginger to d lime

Lyn Sanchez says:

Can papsmear detect if you have uterine fibroids?

yezzy4zaragoza says:

be careful if treating fibroids with that i tryed it too now im struggling with an enlarged uterous

Katherine Rodriguez says:

I'm scared i take ACV everyday, but need to try this. I'm 5 months pregant with one fibroid 8cm and one 3cm and a smaller one. I'm scared really am don't want to have my baby early. My doctor knows I take ACV and said it's good. Any recommendations, this is my first child.

Free Spirit Southern Girl says:

I am desperate. I don't have bleeding problems but I have pain. I have multiple fibroids in my uterus (biggest is 7 cm) and breasts. My breast hurt when I get hugs, when I lie on my stomach at night, or when I run. I have a mammogram twice a year as my doctor has advised. I would wake up with pain in my lower abdomen. I have been told by my doctor that the best option for me is a hysterectomy. She told me I'm not a good candidate for a uterine embolization because I have so many fibroids. This news pissed me off. I decided to clean my diet up. I was a vegetarian but I've decided to go full vegan. I have been doing this acv mixture in this video and using turpentine (for detoxing). I have noticed a big change just in the first week of doing this. The second day of doing the acv mixture and using turpentine i have no more pain in my left leg, no more pain in my lower abdomen, and reduced pain in my breasts. I am going to continue to document. I am hoping that the next time I go for my mammogram that my doctor will see a size reduction of the fibroids. Thank you for your video and giving women hope.

Adwoa Oduro says:

@Tolace, thanks for your tip… Started today, I have 3 medium size fibroids.. Hope it works….Started regimen with this naturopathic doctor end of 2015 but his regimen didnt work (fibroids got worse) so i just changed to another doctor who has given me the right herbs. My question is he told me that the key to seeing a big improvement is also by eating right and of course exercise. So Ive started with lots of fruits and veggies. However being from an African home, its hard to drastically change my diet. did u make any changes in ur diet? And did u use strictly organic products? Besides them being expensive, it's hard to find all organic stuff in my neighborhood (Bronx, NY area).May be its course i live in da outskirts of the bronx. Im from Ghana btw :-)…. Hope to hear from u soon.

Ashley Aaron says:

how about filtered not organic acv

everything HD says:

As specialist, I do believe Womezon Remedy can be great way to cures your women issue naturally. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

La Trice says:

What's the update

koko pop says:

It doesn't work. I have been drinking organic ACV for two months now. Did an ultrasound. Fibroids still very much there and growing

diana simms says:

do this really works. i have fibroids. and i'm trying to shrink them without having a surgery

jia ali says:

thanks alot I don't know how to thank u from Saudi Arabia I suffer 3 yrs mine was 8cm only 1 Month today my period is normal no pain. I use fresh lemon APC and turmaric I add. thanks again god bless u

Tolace says:

I would be uploading a new video soon. I have great news for you guys about my progress and another surprise! Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe! Thank you.

thiery572 says:

You mean your 10 cm fibroid gone in 2 weeks?

Kolitha Ekanayaka says:

There are a few ideas for relieving fibroids quickly
Avoid exposure to pestides in food and other and pollutants
Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.
Make sure you have enough vitamin C
Use herbs which cleanse the liver including burdock root
(I read these and why they work on Kadyn Home Remedy website )

Latin Roses says:

Thanks for posting this video

Ezuma Powell says:

thanks for sharing
I'm going to try it
I have been suffering from fibroid and blocked tubes and been living on pain killer for 6 years

Gie L says:

i used Braggs acv but stopped using it. got tired of waiting for the result. should i continue taking acv again? am 33 and have multiple myoma uteri, my fallopian tube has clogged also. i want to get pregnant but how??? any advises please? thanks

Kayan Harris says:

I have fibroids i dnt whant to do surgery do have the money also i am just 26 no child as yet i fell really bad because i dnt have any child as yet and this is whant happen i am going try this and see if it works whats the name of that thing in thr green bottle

Avionne Akanbi says:

Hi Tolace and thank you for the video. My husband and I eat a plant based diet and we exercise. How long did it take before you saw results?

Julyllah B.P.A says:

should I drink it before or after meal?? how many times a day to drink acv to shrink my fibroids??? please ans.!?

kimoni6 says:

how do you know the fibroids are gone? Did you get an ultrasound done to know whether or not they are still there?

Charmaine Smith says:

can u take while pregnantq

pamela bouvoir says:

My partner said that since fribroids make your stomach bloat,when she started drinking acv the belly went down slowly! Any updates Tolace? did you manage to get rid of yours for good? Thanks :))

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