How to Retouch Red Hair With MANIC PANIC VAMPIRE RED

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Red Hair Q&A video:

NOTE: This is a hair RETOUCH video not coloring video so if your hair is not red then this video is not for you. This is only for red hair that has faded. It may work on light colored/bleached hair. I do not retouch my roots in this video but will do a video on that soon.

In this video I am going to show you two things how to remove hair color build up from using semi permanent hair colors and how I actually retouch my red hair. Now in this video I did not retouch my roots, I will do a separate video on that, this is just to show you how to liven up your color If it has began to fade. Here I am using Manic Panic vampire red but my preferred color is ION Color Brilliance Brights in RED and I pretty much do the same process only instead of conditioner I use a red protein filler to thin out the consistency.

Ok so first I remove build up of color using apple cider vinegar and water and leaving it in my hair anywhere from 15-30 minutes (you can also add lemon to the mixture but I didn’t want to further dry out my hair). Removing build up is important since you don’t want to put color over color because eventually it will only get darker.

After doing that, I apply Manic Panic in vampire red and mix with conditioner as you want to thin out the consistency. Leave this in for as long as you like. This dye is not damaging to your hair if anything it will condition your hair. The longer you leave it in the more true to the jar color it will get.

Products use:

Manic Panic Vampire Red (I prefer ION Color Brilliance Brights in Red)
Finesse Moisturizing Conditioner
Tinting bowl
Tinting brush
Apple Cider Vinegar
Head and Shoulders Shampoo
Processing Cap (optional-you can always use a plastic bag)

You can find Manic Panic and Ion colors at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Hair Clips to section your hair!!!!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional hair dresser, I recommend going to a professional if you have never colored your hair yourself. Do this under your own risk. I am not held responsible for any damage done to your person for using this method. All things were bought with my own money. This is what I do and works for me may not necessarily work for you. Color yielding results may vary.


ForBiddeN says:

I've been bright red for over a year now & I never had build up on my hair & I refresh the color everytime I wash it by doing the semi perm hair color in my conditioner . (I only wash my hair once a week) I think it's just a mental thing where everytime I wash it I feel like all the color is coming out which is why I refresh it so much lol. Does it depend on your natural hair color that causes build up? I'm a natural dirty blonde .

Sharon Chapman says:

i didn't know you're supposed to mix conditioner for first apply. Thank you!

Melissa Van Dusen says:

I LOVE that color

Gothic-Rose Novorossiya says:

Does the conditioner not weaker the color?

Ady Santana says:

Your beautiful darling!

Diana Gutierrez says:

How long would you say the color lasts before you have to redo it?

Fallon Turnboo says:

That color looks so good on you! I'm dying my hair this color soon. In my picture I had my hair dyed with purple haze.

Michelle Fabian says:

She looks so pretty without makeup.

DisNarutard says:

will this work if I'm using it to remove hair color build up from regular permanent dye? I've only used semi-permanent dye once and I hated it so instead every eight weeks or so I redye the ends of my hair (along with my roots) with the permanent dye. However I've noticed that the ends of my hair fade a lot faster and turn orangey-brown a lot faster than the rest of my hair faster, so I'm thinking of just removing the build up from my whole head and starting over. Will this technique work?

Reza Autry says:

Do you opt not to use a clarifying shampoo because it would remove too much of your red color? I'm just curious since clarifying shampoo is the standard build-up and hair color removal shampoo, although dandruff shampoo is probably kinder to your hair.

Angel Shelley says:

To make the hair stayed longer you should not condition your hair before putting a semi permanent because the hair dye would not stick as much. Only a shampoo and apply on dampded hair hope I help for the next time 🙂

Connie Mejia says:

where do u buy it at , color dye

Marie Padilla says:

Was your hair black or blonde before you colored it red?

Lexani y su Lexi says:

thanks for going over everything step-by-step thanks for your time

iza Balabis says:

how long did you leave the color?

Taia Saldana says:

My hair is dark brown almost black how long do I leave it in

Taia Saldana says:

I have the same color in my hair right now but I don't know how long to keep it in on my virgin hair

priscilla chavarria says:

how long did you leave it in for

arielle Tobe says:

Love ur hair

arielle Tobe says:

I've been using ice cream mask in cheery red it's amazing

Jasmine Gomez says:

The babies reaction at 5:506:16 r just adorable!

lilacalosa says:

any alternatives to apple cider vinegar? I looked for it everywhere and coudn't find it 🙁

Alexandra says:

Your initial hair colour is sooo beautiful! How did you achieve it? cause that's basically my ideal red shade

Brenda Suarez says:

I love all your videos.. your so funny.. thanks for this video tho. I dye my hair red with the loreal hi color highlights in magenta since Nov. 2014 and its kinda dead now.. so i been

Crystal Kelela says:

Doesnt the Manic Panic hair dyes fade fast???

Veronica Brzoska says:

What kind of dye is your red hair before you touch i up? I like that color you use!

Hannah Nicolez says:

Does your hair ever go back to its original color

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