How To Remove Sunburn With Baking Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar

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Suwaibat Adamu says:

I really love you and your outfit…

Jewel says:

Hello Ms. Obaapaa. I truly admire your spirit and agree with you 100 %.
Because we mature and get older does not mean that we sit and let our skins get rusty crusty lack luster grow barnacles and do nothing about it. Some seem to think that a little dab of makeup will fix it but not when you're severely damaged underneath. The damaged skin is still visible beneath the makeup. So, isn't it much nicer to have a cleaner clearer complexion even without makeup.
You look marvelous. The look of mature beauty …!!!

Jenny Richy says:

Pls make a video on how to remove moles from the face

R Varoom says:

thank you for helping us


Obaapa, i have started using the method of the sunburns, what do i do with the rest of the products, should i keep in the refrigerator or in a warm place.

JourneyLover T says:

Hi Beauty, those earrings are gorgeous I've been looking for some in this big size but can't find them can you recommend where I can get some?

Soso Soso says:

can you please send me your email I have a problem with my my skin I want to send a photo of my damage skin maybe you can help

Soso Soso says:

you looking great sister and I love all your video keep going , God bless you

Amy Panda says:

which skin lightening cream & soap can you recommend that is the best out there?
Thank you so much

Lily Asante says:

how much do charge to mix body cream

iccysexy ND says:

+Obaapaa.. thanks alot this video is so helpful I've been suffering from sunburn for the past couple of year,, am going to try dis remedies.. will update you on my result.. kisses

Sumure Bilal says:

thanks for the reply..

bibi zakkour says:

What good exfoliating cream do you also advice ? do a video of best sunscreen please kisses love you

bibi zakkour says:

What good moisturising do you advice ?

bibi zakkour says:

You are the best @OBAAPA

bibi zakkour says:

You are the best @obaapa

bibi zakkour says:

What good moisturising cream do you advice ?

Sumure Bilal says:

you are the best…what about if I add lemon to the paste, is that ok

Woke says:

What sunscreen do you use ?

sylvestina mensah says:

you skin looks fab, love love love you

rachey raye says:

when are you putting up the video on black soap?

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