How to remove spider veins using apple cider vinegar (one year)

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This is my one year update and last update 🙂 just give it a try


The Skinny on Life says:

Omg it cracks me up that someone thought you were getting paid for advertising a natural remedy! 😂 Love you for these videos. I've had huge and terrible spider veins on my legs all my life. Wish I would have seen this sooner but I'm thankful for having found it now. It just confirms my theory that ACV will fix anything! Haha

Viri Cervantes says:

Amazing!! I'm going to try it!!

Virtual Wellness says:

Amazing…BRAVO!…thanks for the video!!

Fahrenheit 451 says:

So yope, we don't see if you really had varicose veins before coz you did not show the before pictures

Sylvia Arodiegwu says:

I west my data for nothing. get loss

James McCluksey says:

can,t hear you

Brian Knapp says:

It would be a real service to everyone who watches this to dispute her claims with your own experience if that is what you experienced. If you found this procedure to work then we would equally like to hear from you. I was very skeptical but it is worth a shot. It is a real waste of time and money if this doesn't work for people to keep on claiming that it works. Please help us all and tell us if this procedure works or not. Currently here on Dec 24 2016, I am trying this procedure and have been doing so for the last three days or so. No changes so far! How long are we supposed to keep doing this by the way?

Fred Goldberg says:

can't thank you enough

Ms Sylvie Stoica says:

What the fuck are you saying?speak louder!

Joanna Recine says:

how about the varicose ?

Joanna Recine says:

how do you make sure that the cider vinegar is absorbed in?

Wenilyn Morales says:

where i can buy the product?

Eeda01 says:

I think it's neat how you ALMOST manage to get a potato to film your legs in a way that makes anything look clear. Sorry about your parkinson's, though.

Sandi fassbinder says:

I'm seeing a difference and my daughter made a comment she sees a difference with a place above my right knee, feeling positive . Thanks for the great idea glad you posted this video

janet janet says:

Can't hear you

CC C says:

It's worth a try, congratulations to you..I am looking forward to it. Thanks for posting

Letty T says:

so how long did it again it take to remove the varicose veins and did you take anything else?

elka celestine danica dennise says:

OK.I'm going to hit "like" if I saw the good results on my own.
good luck to me😇

abercrombiez123 says:

The spider veins are completly disappear?

Mad Shad says:

is it natural

R Jenkins says:

wish me luck im going to give it a try i hope it will work for me like it did for you.

Rose Draper says:

Can't hear you

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