How To Remove Acne Scars With Apple Cider Vinegar ♡

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This video discusses how I removed my acne red marks and scars with apple cider vinegar. ACV is a cheap and easy solution and definately worth giving a go to help fade those pesky red marks left behind from break outs. I started using apple cider vinegar on my skin years ago and continue to use it daily as my everyday toner. I show you my before picture and show you exactly how to use apple cider vinegar on your acne scars x


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Jayme Katie says:

I_had acne all my life and had few scars ♣Maxelder argan cream♣ has helped my acne tremendously… it also fades the scars and helps maintain my face just once a day i use it after i shower at night its really amazing my acne is just about gone give it 1–week and it will make miracles whatever is in this stuff works for sure wow!!! buy it!!!give it one try its all it took for me! w–nyarganoil—c

SO Nicole! says:

I also tried this for the first time, and Im excited for the result. Check it out on my channel 🙂

ashmeet kaur says:

I made a toner of 3 parts green tea and 1 part apple cider vinegar.I get cystic acne over chin area during that time of the month..I am using this but unfortunately its not reducing it ,my acne is more aggravated and itches a lot .i dont really know maybe when i ll be off my period my acne will get bettr on its own..

Kaira says:

Does this lighten your skin? I don't want to loose my freckles 🙁

French Quebec says:

I hate the taste and smell of this junk, but it works.

Senja Paramita says:

Hi Samantha…
Wanna share my experince after using this for 2 weeks. I'm having breakouts, acnes everywhere n this is scaring me. Is this kind of detox? Should I continue this treatment?

Hoa Vines says:

This acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) is genuinely helpful since it gives you uncomplicated instructions about how the therapy is completed to get rid of the acne such as the food items to avoid and achieve an improved skin. It all is sensible. I can assure you that this is a beneficial guide. Extremely informative and a good help to remove acne.

Soul Beauty says:

Don't forget to let your boiled water cool down completely, otherwise it will kill the good bacteria in raw ACV.

How To Cure Acne says:

Baking soda can be used to exfoliate the skin and minimize the appearance of acne scars.

karen perez says:

Your eyebrows are amazing!!!

Shahir Sultan says:

Wven you can get it from woolies same price

KA arts says:

i use cucumber gel.. i started last night and it stopped my pimples from growing… 😀 i will use this to remove the scars 😊

RaamenNoodle says:

Should I use a face cream with it too or no? I use Neutrogena oil free cream cleanser and I have no idea if that's going to do something bad, i'm not too big on skin so sorry if this sounds like a stupid question >~<

jenelyn rodrigo says:

is it ok not to wash your face after using ACV?Ive watched other videos that u should wash ur face after using it?

TheKawaiiFilipino says:

After you put the ACV do you rinse your face and then put on moisturizer or do you keep the ACV on and just put the moisturizer on top of the ACV?

Native Tiger says:

If you have brown skin do not try this!!! I did and it ended up burning and making my acne marks darker 🙁 just a caution for real. I'm sure it will will for most other people tho

Souzy Selim says:

OMG! you are so pretty😍

mina jeong yeon says:

should i wash my face after?

Muskan Mughal says:

I love your eyes it's really very nice

Dvy Frnd says:

is it ok if i use any moisturiser after? usually before bedtime.

Shaila Marie De Guzman says:

is it works?

Aianne Zita says:

Ok thanks😘

Aianne Zita says:

After I do putting that on my face can I use sunblock? @Samantha Melanie

Lindi Istogu says:

how strong vinegar 9% or 4%

The Lost Gamer says:

Think I'm the only guy on here 😂😂

hellooohani says:

hey samantha, i am having scars on my face as my acne are starting to slow down. i will try your tips by applying this thing. i want to remove this scars awayyyy. its killing me. thank you

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