How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar – Part 2 – The Mother’s Revelation

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Part Two of The Apple Cider Vinegar Making Video

Come along as I rack off my apple cider vinegar and get a look at all my mothers. Here’s Part One if you missed it:

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AntPDC says:

This is brilliant ACV-making BDY, and beautifully-presented, if I may say so. I was very much looking forward to the outcome of your initial, airlocked, anaerobic ferment of apple-juice, which you subsequently exposed to air using an ACV inoculate. The results you evidence here are spectacular and serve to vindicate your professional method. Indeed, the acetic acid content of your ACV makes it akin to Braggs', which I very much doubt could have been achieved using the oft-toted jar of sugar-water/apples/open-to-air procedure.

As so often on YT, there's a poor signal-to-noise ratio when it comes to delivering reliable information, so it's an absolute pleasure to witness your professionalism here. Thank you (and please exclude me from "the Mother" prize – she wouldn't be happy facing a 3500 mile journey!). Best wishes.

Singing Painter says:

Thank you for the great videos! So very helpful!

naturaltrini1 says:

Awesome video. I have just started fermenting foods and drinks. I have watched a few of yours and learned a great deal. I would love one of those mother.

Erich Covey says:

thanks for showing how to do this with cider … I'm thinking of trying it with fresh pressed juice …

Jona Christoe says:

If I'm comment number 25 does that mean I get a mother culture? Great video … Even if I don't get a mother 😎✌🏽️🖖🏽

Kenny Gray says:

oh wow! I want a mother that would be so cool! Thanks for the great information!

John Bowman says:

PS…I would love to win the mother!

John Bowman says:

Hi…This is the clearest demonstration of the ACV process so far…Thank you for sharing your expertise…I am a fermentation fanatic now, and my artisan sourdough bread is as good as anyone's…Hot relish not far behind (and a great combination of flavor served on top of sourdough rye!…This should top it all off perfectly!…hey, can I use a blob of sourdough starter stirred into water to substitute for the dry yeast?…thanks again.

TheAusprepper says:

A great job mate. You are such a great teacher. Wonderful instructional video for the newbie fermenter. What do you do with the extra mother if you don't get to give it away. Does it get tossed out or do you keep it for other batches or can it be frozen. Any ideas on making sherry vinegar?

Alisha Crockett says:

Send a mommy home!

Janet Wachter says:

AWESOME. happy to see the mother on mothers day…lol

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